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Geemax S1 – The treadmill you can also work with

With the advent of the pandemic, home fitness products have increasingly taken hold in our homes and among companies born and specialized during this period, we find GEEMAX, which offers its users a series of equipment for sport at home, such as treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bikes, and more. The company was born in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, with the aim of supporting domestic sport even for those who have difficulty coping with changes, offering solutions that are easy to use and supported by nutritional courses and recipes created with fitness professionals. Many improvements and innovations have been made since 2020, where among the latest we find the GEEMAX S1, a revolutionary treadmill capable of reaching a speed of 16 km/h. Well, I would say that you don't have to waste time and rush to read our full review.

GeeMax S1 treadmill

288€ 699€
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Design and materials

Although the product arrives in a compact package, which suggests the need to assemble every single element, in reality the treadmill arrives already completely assembled, therefore it will only be necessary to waste some time in removing the plastic and polystyrene used to protect the product during transport. In fact, you only need to act on the fixing levers to bring the treadmill to the position for use.

With a weight of poco over 40 kg and one 45 x 122 cm platform made with 6 layers of non-slip material capable of absorbing shocks, the GEEMAX S1 is a folding treadmill also equipped with a vertical structure in which armrests which, by the way, are themselves collapsible. But to bend is also a large display that becomes a if necessary additional support surface for notebooks, allowing you to work without sacrificing physical fitness.

The possibility of folding the armrests and the dashboard completely towards the platform reduces the space occupied by the GEEMAX S1 to a minimum when not in use. We can store the fitness appliance both horizontally, hiding it for example under a sofa raised or a bed, or vertically, using two feet that give stability to the treadmill. A convenience for those who don't have space to dedicate to fitness equipment. The closing/opening operation takes place in a very short time, by acting on the levers located on the ends of the elements to be tilted.

An on and off button has been inserted at the base of the treadmill, but the classic and high-performance is not missing security system with which the entire treadmill will not work or will stop in the event of danger, if the magnet is not positioned in its proper housing. Just wear the clip connected to this and in the event of a fall, the magnet will automatically disconnect and the system will lock.

The goodies are yet to come, starting with inserting two electromagnets capable of detecting heart rate, inserted in the hand rests where we also find the commands to start or stop a training session and adjust the speed with an accuracy of 0,01 km/h. In the upper part of the dashboard, a small one has been inserted basin to place tablet/smartphone. Below it we find further buttons, this time of the touch type, from which, for example, to recall i 36 training programs or customize it to your liking.

But the broad certainly does not go unnoticed 24 inch LED display, where we always find information available such as distance travelled, calories burned, exercise time, heart rate and running speed. As mentioned, this display can be tilted, creating a support surface for notebooks or other. A convenience for those who can never get away from work / study but also to watch TV series without resorting to a television for example. On the back of the display there are two grids, which suggest the presence of speakers, but in reality I have not managed in any way to convey the sound on the treadmill and therefore I hypothesize that these are only the outlet for the integrated alert sound of the GEEMAX S1. There is also, on the side, a bottle holder so you don't find excuses to stop a workout looking for water or mineral supplements.

Operation and technical characteristics

One of the strengths of the GEEMAX S1 treadmill compared to the competition is undoubtedly the speed which the platform can reach, pushing itself to the limit of 16 Km / h. Of course the speed is variable by means of a 2,5HP motor with 65db of maximum noise. Specifically, the running speeds are aimed at certain situations which I summarize below:

  • from 1 to 4 km/h per walk
  • by 5 to 8 Km / h for jogging
  • by 9 to 16 Km / h per run

This means that the solution offered by GEEMAX allows you not only to walk on the spot but also to run, in short, ranging in every scenario that you could carry out outside the home. In this regard, they are well present 36 preset programsyou with the possibility of customization, therefore in the same workout the treadmill will automatically vary the speed, thus simulating a hypothetical outdoor workout. Another thing that really captured my heart, is how robust the product is capable of support a maximum weight of 120 kg and to do it in a rather silent way, thanks to four semi-rigid rubber supports that cushion the vibrations with the floor.

Then there is thelarge display on the dashboard, with which you can take into account your physical activity, manage all the parameters relating to the progress of the race. The only note is that the GEEMAX S1 is not variable inclinationle, an acceptable compromise considering the above-average maximum speed and, above all, the very small size of the product. Actually for the inclination, theKINOMAP companion app, which interfaces with the treadmill by means of Bluetooth, where the inclination is simulated making training even more realistic.

Finally, I have already mentioned the heart rate sensors, positioned on the handles. They work really well, even better than many smartwatches and that's good for people like me who digest poco having something on your wrist that tightens or that could create discomfort during intense training sweat.

Smart apps and functions

The GEEMAX S1 does not give up a smart soul. As soon as it is switched on, the treadmill will activate the integrated Bluetooth, with which you can connect the KINOMAP application available for both iOS and Android. An application that could be improved in some ways and not exactly customized for the GEEMAX brand and/or products, but I found some aspects interesting.

Indeed, through KINOMAP, it is not only possible manage your physical activity and adjust all the parameters also available on the dashboard, but it will also allow the management of more complex runs also simulating the slope of certain terrains, setting particular goals and creating a series of customized training plans. They are available then a series of workouts that simulate running outside, using a function that uses Google Maps, but you can also make challenges with friends or by interacting with the community that populates the app.

Via the KINOMAP app you can simulate going around the world, choosing from dozens of routes around the world between mountain routes, the sea, in the big cities of the world and so on. On the screen of your smartphone or tablet a video will appear with which you can "immerse yourself" in the chosen landscape. Finally, there is also a series of videos made by professionals (also available in Italian) with practical advice on how to carry out certain workouts.

It should not be underestimated that everything takes place in a stable manner, without any disconnection from the treadmill to the smartphone/tablet. The entire interface can also be replicated on a remote display, therefore also on TV. If I want to find fault, this is the lack of compatibility with external services such as Google Fit or Apple Health.

GeeMax S1 treadmill

288€ 699€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)

Price and conclusions

The official price of the GEEMAX S1 it is around 699 euros at the current exchange rate, but through our coupon you could buy it in discount at € 288,00, a sensational price considering the robustness of the treadmill and the many functions offered, with professional details. A treadmill that convinced me a lot, for its ease of use within everyone's reach but above all for its efficiency in terms of performance, as well as the possibility of being able to store it in a corner without taking up who knows what space.

It can be closed, raised vertically, has an excellent support for smartphones and tablets and, if necessary, we can obtain a work surface for our notebook. One of the few to get to 16 Km / h as well as having a simulation by application, for the inclination. Wide and comfortable platform with support up to 120 Kg, in short, you will really have no more excuses to lose weight and keep yourself in physical activity.

9.3 Total score

The GEEMAX S1 is a unique treadmill of its kind. It allows you to train at semi-professional levels in the comfort of your home, even in a small one thanks to its uniqueness of folding up and taking up very little space. Support up to 120 Kg and maximum speed of 16 Km/H are some of the specifications that will make you love this product.

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