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Google Bard can now generate photos and images thanks to the update with Imagen 2

In the latest update, google bard introduced the ability to generate images, keeping up with the features already present in OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus. This novelty takes advantage of the Imagen 2 model by Google, marking an important step forward in the competition between virtual assistants. With this integration, Bard not only strengthens itself as an alternative to ChatGPT Plus but does so by offering access to everyone without Costs, differentiating itself from the paid model of its rival.

Image Generation: Bard meets Imagen 2

Google Bard has evolved, now incorporating image generation via the Imagen 2 model, a feature that for months has distinguished ChatGPT Plus and, eventually, Microsoft's Copilot. This advancement harnesses the power of Gemini Pro language model of Google, a rather strange choice given that the use of the most advanced one was assumed Gemini Ultra, currently still in development.

The initial lack of image generation functionality in Bard had left ChatGPT Plus with a competitive advantage. However, the integration of this new capability, which is offered for free unlike the paid ChatGPT Plus solution, strengthens Bard's position in the virtual assistant landscape.

google bar

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Recently, AI image generation has come under criticism, particularly for the spread of fake sexual photos. In response, Google has emphasized its commitment to responsibility by implementing a watermarking system for images generated by Bard, as well as various security measures to prevent abuse.

At the same time, Google launched a new experimental tool for generative photography, ImageFX, also based on Imagen 2. This tool joins Google's other AI creation products, such as Musicfx e TextFX, further solidifying the company's ecosystem of creative tools.

Google Bard is not only updated in the area of ​​image generation, but also with the addition of new languages , double-check functionality, allowing automatic verification of the information provided through internet searches, for an even more reliable and complete user experience.

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