Help: Upgrading Xiaomi RedRice (HongMi) WCDMA

As mentioned a few weeks ago in the video-viewing, an aspect that left us behind this new born in the Xiaomi family is the upgrade process.
It seems that for the RedRice, code name HongMi, there is no OTA update method and, even more strangely, there is no version of MiRecovery that allows updating the ROM directly from Updater.

Here's why this guide.

First I want to start by saying that this is NOT the only guide available for updating the RedRice but it is the one with which I found myself best. It's true, everything could be done by phone but, once configured properly, using a PC simplifies various operations.

Let's start with:

The prerequisites
ADB Driver for Windows 7 / 8 - Indispensable for using the vROOT program correctly
vRoot - A simple tool that lets you perform Xiaomi Red Rice Root
MobileUncle - Application able to install modified recovery for ROM update (Requires ROOT)
CWM - Recovery modified for the WCDMA version of RedRice (Extract Zip)
Multilanguage ROM “Stable” 3.11.29 - Stable version of Multilanguage ROM for RedRice WCDMA

Step 1: Install ADB Drivers
If you have already installed ROM, connected smartphones with various toolkits, etc. probably these drivers will already be installed.
Otherwise proceed with the installation of the previously downloaded ADB drivers.
NB. On Windows 7 e Windows 8 you need to disable the digital signature drivers imposition before you can correctly install these drivers.

Step 2: Installing vROOT
Install the vROOT program by double clicking on the executable downloaded previously.

Step 3: Smartphone Prep
Go to Menu (Soft Left Button) -> Settings -> About Phone
TAB 7 times below on "Android Version" to enable "Developer options" in the settings.
Go to Menu (Soft Left Button) -> Settings -> Developer options
and enable "Enable development" and "USB debug"

Step 4: ROOT
Start vROOT previously installed.


It will start in "Waiting" mode until you connect the phone via USB cable
Connect the RedRice to the PC via USB cable. If the ADB drivers are correctly installed, a message should appear on the phone asking you to accept debugging of the phone from the PC. Of course you answer yes.
If the phone is not connected on vROOT, close vROOT and restart it.
Once the phone has been detected, simply click on "ROOT" and wait a few seconds.


RedRice should reboot. Done? Good! Your RedRice is now rooted!

Step 5: Copy tools and ROMs to your device.
If you haven't done it yet, unzip the CWM-WCDMA.zip file and extract the recovery.img file.
Copy the recovery.img, mobileuncle.toolbox_327.apk and ROM files (all zip, without decompressing) to phone memory (PHONE MEMORY, NO SD MEMORY SD).
If you do not see the phone memory on the PC, make sure you have enabled "Mass Storage" in the RedRice notification area.

Step 6: Exchange Recovery
Once you have copied all the files on your phone, unplug the RedRice from the PC.
Use the file manager to install the mobileuncle.toolbox_327.apk application.
Once the installation is complete, start Mobile Uncle. At the first start it will ask you to confirm ROOT permissions, press "YES".
Once Mobile Uncle is started go to "Recovery Update" and select recovery.img (the recovery modified previously copied).


Mobile Uncle will first ask whether to proceed, once installed it will ask whether to restart the phone in the new recovery. Obviously answer "Yes" to all messages.



NB. It could happen that the phone restarts normally without going into recovery. Repeat the operations within Mobile Uncle

Step 7: ROM Update
We are in the new recovery but ... tatatataaaaaaannnn is EVERYTHING in Chinese! Now how do you do it?
Well, just follow the pictures (COMMANDS: Vol + and Vol- to scroll up and down and POWER to confirm):

1. Select the second entry


2. Select the last word


3. Select the last post (the ROM you downloaded and transferred to your phone)


4. Select the second entry


5. Wait for the installation to finish ...

6. Select the last item ("back")


7. Select the fourth item


8. Select the second entry


9. Select the first entry


10.Select the first entry


Step 8: Enjoy the new Multilanguage ROM!
It will take a few minutes to start the Multilanguage ROM ... wait! :-)

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restart and restart the phone after installing the recovery with mobile uncle but restarts

always in normal mode!

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