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[How To] Xiaomi MiTv, how to install the Play Store

Our colleague Eduardo of continues her in-depth study with one focus on 'Play Store installation on Xiaomi MiTv. Let's find out how!

One of the most interesting features of the Android ecosystem is certainly the Play Store, especially because today, thanks to the applications inside, we can meet many of our needs, from the most banal to the most complex. Unfortunately for us, the Xiaomi MiTv default does not come with the Google store pre-installed but no fear because the GizChina's Guide is very very simple!

First, we need to install Xiaomi's Google Apps Installer through Xbie on Xiaomi MiTv (you can download it to this address). If you do not remember how to reach Adb do not worry, we showed it in tutorials on how to run the MiTv root. Once done, run "adb install GoogleInstaller.apk".

Xiaomi MiTv - How To Install The Play Store

First, you need to connect a mouse or controller so you can click items that can not be selected with the actual remote control.

Xiaomi MiTv

Once you've run the app, which will appear in the launcher home, we'll finally see all Google Apps. What really interests us, however, is the Play Store, therefore, we click and begin the installation.

Xiaomi MiTv

The software will alert us that the Play Store needs the Google Service Framework to work, click OK and go ahead.

Xiaomi MiTv

What you see in the photo is all that will be installed to make the Google Play Store work.

Xiaomi MiTv

At the top right we find the button to install it all with one click.

Xiaomi MiTv

And to go on we have to click "Continue" on this banner.

Xiaomi MiTv

One after the other will appear the start download alerts for all and 4 applications. Pay attention anyway, because at the end of the installation a screen like the one above appears in which the "Install" and "Cancel" buttons are positioned in the contar and, going fast forward, you could lose something!



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