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The price of the Xiaomi Redmi Notes drops to 230 $ (169 euro) while the JiaYu G2F WCDMA will be available next week

Chinese smartphone retailer SPEmall reduced Xiaomi Redmi's price to 230 dollars (169 euro) and confirmed the availability of the JiaYu G2F WCDMA next week.

JiaYu informed us today that JiaYu G2F will be marketed in China tomorrow, but we have now been informed that their international retailer, SPEmall, will ensure availability from next week. The international buyers concerned will pay the JiaYu G2F quad-core display with 4.3 inches with Gorilla Glass protection, 1GB RAM and 8 megapixel camera, just 104.99 $ (77 euro), plus any shipping and customs charges .

The other news concerns the new price of Xiaomi Redmi Notes with 2GB of RAM, which fell to 229.99 dollars (169 euro). As usual, several purchase options are available, with several discount codes, but the offer will last until the sale of the available 400 units.

Option B - Original price: 246.84 USD (180.98 euro), Price with 236.84 discount code (173.64 euro), this code from 10USD is: SpeNoteB
Option C - Original price: 284.92 USD (208.90 euro), Price with 249.92 discount code (183.23 euro), this code from 25USD is: SpeNoteC
Option D - Original price: 293.94 USD (215.51 euro), Price with the discount code 263.94 (193.51 euro), this code from 30USD is: SpeNoteD

The Redmi Notes purchased on Spemall will be shipped from China and, consequently, you may have to add customs charges to the price.

Alternatively, the Xiaomi Redmi Note will also be available with shipment from Italy and 24 months of warranty and assistance on On the store, thanks to the discount code GIZXIAOMI, the price of Redmi Note will be 214 euro.

Where do you plan to buy it?

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