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The next Meizu High-End device could equip the Samsung Exynos 7420 processor

In the last months Meizu made some decisions that led it to submit, only seven months after the birth of their predecessors, the Meizu m2 ed m2 note. These are not strategies that are seen every day, but it seems that the Chinese manufacturer has succeeded in increasing sales numbers with them.


Today we talk about another marketing strategy adopted by Meizu which includes the abandonment of the series MX Pro in favor of a new high-end independent range. Until yesterday there was not much news about this new line up, but today, thanks to the famous analyst Pan Jiutang, we came to know a new interesting detail.


In fact, according to the Chinese analyst, it seems that the future device of this new series will be equipped with the powerful processor Exynos 7420. The processor in question is the same mounted on the range Galaxy S6 di Samsung and, in fact, is what in the first eight months of 2015 has received more favors from the public. If these voices had to be confirmed the new smartphone Meizu will be the first Chinese device to equip a processor with production process 14 nm, and thus benefit from all the benefits in terms of performance e heat dissipation resulting from them.

Always according to the analyst also, the design of this mysterious device should be characterized by the presence of glass on both sides and by metallic side frames. Finally, the price should be higher than 3000 Yuan, the correspondent of about 450 €. In short ... not really the usual prices to which Meizu he always got used to us.


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Simone Rodriguez
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