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iQOO Pad officially announced: a rebrand of the Vivo Pad2 but more powerful

In addition to the iQOO Neo8 series, the first tablet of the iQOO brand, that is, was also officially announced today iQOO Hall.

iQOO Pad officially announced: a rebrand of the Vivo Pad2 but more powerful

The design of iQOO Pad is basically the same as the previously released Vivo Pad2, but the logo has changed from Vivo to iQOO and the two products are also very similar in terms of specifications.

In particular the iQOO Pad is equipped with a processor MediaTek Dimension 9000+, while the Vivo Pad2 is equipped with the Dimension 9000 processor.

We also know that the front of the Pad will feature a large 12,1-inch 2,8K screen with a high refresh rate of 144Hz. The parameters and dimensions are identical to those of the previously released Vivo Pad2. As well as the design with an all-metal body.

That said, as mentioned earlier, compared to the Vivo Pad2, the iQOO Pad is actually a product with a more powerful chip, the Dimensity 9000+. But due to the different positioning, even though the processor of iQOO Pad has been improved, the final price of iQOO Pad should be lower than that of Vivo Pad2.

However, we point out that these are speculations, the real price will be announced during the press conference on the 23rd which as we said will also see the launch of the new series iQOO Neo8.

For the uninitiated, the Neo8 series includes what will become the most powerful smartphone on the market, theiQOO Neo8 Pro. The smartphone is in fact equipped with the latest Dimension 9200+ chip, which uses an octa-core CPU architecture and a second-generation 4nm manufacturing process from TSMC. Furthermore, this phone is also equipped with the flagship V1+ chip developed by Vivo with 32MB SRAM. It supports three major algorithms, and the theoretical data throughput speed can reach 25GB/s. In high-load game scenarios, it can share the work of mobile phone main chip and reduce power consumption.

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