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The Xiaomi Redmi range will be upgraded with 4G LTE and 64-bit support

The initial advantage of ZTE in the new low-cost 4G LTE battle may not last long, mainly due to the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi LTE update!

The Xiaomi range of Android Redmi phones has met with great success, giving a further boost to the mediatek chipsets.

According to Chinese technology sites, the Beijing smartphone manufacturer could launch the 4G LTE version of the various Redmi phones soon, thanks to the new generation of Mediatek MT6595 and MT6732 processors.

The new MediaTek processors will be able to support 2K 2560 x 1440 pixel resolutions, 4K video playback, 4G LTE, and cameras with sensors up to 20 mega-pixels. This, of course, does not mean that the new Redmi phones will be equipped with all these hardware specifications, but at least, potentially, it is possible.

So the good news is that Xiaomi's low-cost phones will have 4G LTE support in the future, while the bad news is that we might have to wait for up to seven months (according to current news) before seeing them on the market. At least ZTE Redbull is already on sale with 4G LTE support and only 799 Yuan (approximately 94 euro)!

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