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LAOTIE Ti30 II updated version Electric Scooter at €1091 shipping from Europe included!

The electric scooter LAOTIE TI30 II represents one of the most innovative and attractive solutions in the growing market of personal electric vehicles. Conceived to offer an optimal combination of performance, comfort and sustainability, the TI30-II stands out for its distinctive features that make it an ideal means of transport for the city and beyond. In this article, we will explore the main features of the TI30-II electric scooter, highlighting what makes it such a valid and desirable option for urban travel and beyond: 60V 35Ah battery, foldable electric scooter, dual 5600W motor, autonomy 105km, max load 200kg, max speed 85Km/h, EU Plug, road tire



Performance and Autonomy

The LAOTIE TI30-II is equipped with a powerful electric motor that guarantees rapid acceleration and a maximum speed of 85Km/h that meets the needs of urban and extra-urban mobility, while maintaining exceptional energy efficiency. The high-quality battery provides an impressive range of up to 100Km, allowing you to cover long distances on a single charge. This makes it particularly suitable for daily travel, reducing the need for frequent charging.

Design and Comfort

The design of the electric scooter is both modern and functional. The light but sturdy structure ensures ease of maneuver and durability. Driving comfort is guaranteed by an advanced suspension system that effectively dampens ground irregularities, making every journey pleasant, even on less homogeneous surfaces. Furthermore, the ergonomic seat ensures high comfort even during longer journeys.

Sustainability and Efficiency

As a fully electric vehicle, the TI30-II embodies an eco-friendly choice for personal mobility. The absence of direct emissions contributes to the reduction of air and noise pollution, promoting a cleaner and quieter urban environment. The energy efficiency of the scooter not only reduces the environmental impact but also allows for significant savings on management costs compared to traditional means of transport.


Safety is a priority in the design of the LAOTIE TI30-II. Equipped with advanced braking systems, it offers an immediate and controlled response when needed, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. High visibility LED lighting ensures that the scooter is easily recognizable even in low light conditions, improving the safety of the driver and other road users.


In an increasingly digital era, the LAOTIE TI30-II integrates advanced technological solutions for greater convenience and an improved user experience. Through a dedicated app, it is possible to monitor various aspects of the scooter, from the battery to trip statistics, as well as being able to configure personalized settings. This connectivity enriches the driving experience, allowing users to always stay informed about the status of their vehicle.


The LAOTIE TI30-II presents itself as a cutting-edge solution for those looking for a personal means of transport that is efficient, sustainable and pleasant to drive. With its high performance, carefully thought-out design, commitment to sustainability and safety, as well as advanced connectivity, the LAOTIE TI30-II electric scooter effectively addresses the needs of a wide range of users, representing an excellent choice for navigating the urban environment with style, comfort and environmental responsibility.


Electric Scooter LAOTIE Ti30 II updated version

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