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The company denies that there will be no OnePlus Two "Lettuce"

Over the past few days the well-known rumor known as evleaks had spread some information about a possible new OnePlus smartphone, the OnePlus Two code name "lettuce", that is, lettuce.


Today, promptly arrive at denials, both from OnePlus and from the Cyanogen Inc. team. The well-known Android Police site has contacted OnePlus to receive information, but the answer received leaves no doubt.
The company replied, "We are only working with OnePlus One for 2014. Thank you!". So, as foreseeable, no new smartphones for the 2014. In addition, the company is already experiencing many problems with the marketing of its current top range, the OnePlus One, so any second product would further undermine the seriousness and reputation of the OnePlus brand.

Later, Android Police received a further response from the Cyanogen Inc team, here's what they said:

We are currently focusing our resources to continue supporting OnePlus One and Oppo N1. We do not know where exactly evleaks are taking this information. There is no "lettuce" device.

So every doubt has been unveiled! Both OnePlus and Cyanogenmod have a unique focus on the One ...



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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