Lenovo Legion: exclusive photos from XDA show the curious gaming phone

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The gaming phone sector has always been thriving since the proposed deives are attractive for two groups of users. One is the one who uses the smartphone for fun and one is the one who wants a mobile device without compromise. It is known that a terminal like Lenovo Legion, the company's next gaming phone, will stand out for specs and performance. Poco some time ago we got to see some exclusive features of this device but unfortunately no real photos even the shadow. It seems that the team of XDA he put his hands on it though. Let's see it all its beauty but also strangeness, given the position of the cameras.

The Lenovo Legion gaming phone is shown in some images released by XDA: beautiful but really strange

Without saying a word: the brand has thought of an absurdly useful gem for all players, that is the location of cameras. Most users may not pay attention to it but a gamer suffers when, taking the device with two hands, he touches the cameras behind. An unclean handle means a poor game session ... that's why Lenovo Legion will be the best.

lenovo legion gaming phone camera

The choice to put the rear cameras, two for this Lenovo Legion, center it is a winner. There are no doubts. Even if these were flush and did not protrude from the body, a minimum annoyance for the gamer would be a hindrance.

Another obstacle to a perfect gaming session is the camera. Despite the efforts of companies to minimize the space occupied by the notch or hole, this always remains on the display. Not with Lenovo's new gaming phone as it will adopt one pop-up camera. Although it is an odd choice for this type of device, we find it to be just as ingenious as the rear cameras. It may be ugly, but ultimately this poco matters to the hardcore gamer.

lenoco legion forehead

At the level of features the Lenovo Legion will not miss anything: from the audio point of view, as we see in the first image, it can count on double fully symmetrical 65mm speakers, a double speaker system with 0.6 mm amplifier and 1.4 cc audio cavity.

Performance won't be a problem thanks to the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 assisted by an internal memory of type UFS 3.0 and RAM of type LPDDR5. The display will certainly be type OLED and will support a refresh rate at well 144Hz, like a professional PC monitor.

The monster will use one very powerful 90W (via cable) to recharge the cell from 4.500 mAh. Another noteworthy feature is the latest generation cooling system, certainly liquid. We know this type of technology thanks to other gaming smartphones like Black Shark.

For the moment, nothing else is known about this device: neither near nor release date.

Through | XDA

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