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Liectroux G7 Robot Floor Cleaner with emptying base at €300 shipping from Europe included!

The floor cleaning robot Liectroux G7 represents an advanced technological solution for home cleaning, designed to offer an effortless cleaning experience with innovative features and optimized performance. This device combines the efficiency of automatic cleaning with artificial intelligence and robotics to adapt to the specific needs of each home environment. Below, we examine the main features that distinguish the Liectroux G7: 6500 Pa suction, laser navigation, 5200 mAh battery, 180 minute battery life – Black, EU plug

Liectroux G7


Intelligent Navigation System

The Liectroux G7 features a sophisticated navigation system that uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms to map the surrounding environment. This allows him to precisely navigate the house, avoiding obstacles such as furniture, toys and steps. Its ability to learn and memorize different maps makes it ideal for multi-level homes, offering personalized cleaning for each area.

Powerful and Efficient Cleaning

Thanks to its powerful suction and multi-surface brush system, the G7 effectively removes dust, dirt and debris from floors. The device is equipped with various cleaning programs, including modes for intensive cleaning, daily cleaning and the specific mode for carpets, ensuring a deep clean regardless of the type of surface.

Advanced Washing System

In addition to the vacuum function, the Liectroux G7 has an advanced mopping system that uses an electronically controlled water tank to evenly distribute water across the floor. This, combined with a microfibre cloth, allows you to remove stubborn stains and encrusted dirt, leaving floors clean and shiny.

Smart Control

The robot can be easily controlled via a smartphone app, giving users the flexibility to start, pause or schedule cleaning sessions remotely. Through the app, you can also view a map of your home, select specific areas to clean or avoid, and monitor the cleaning status in real time.

Autonomy and Automatic Charging

The Liectroux G7 has impressive autonomy which allows it to cover large areas without the need for frequent recharging. Furthermore, when the battery is running low, the robot automatically recognizes its charge level and returns to the charging base. Once recharged, it can resume cleaning from where it left off, ensuring an efficient and uninterrupted cleaning process.

Design and Sustainability

The design of the Liectroux G7 is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with a compact shape that allows it to reach even the most difficult corners. It is made from sustainable and durable materials, underlining the brand's commitment to producing eco-friendly appliances.

In conclusion, the floor cleaning robot Lectroux G7 stands out for its advanced navigation features, cleaning power, washing system, intelligent control, and sustainable design. It is an ideal solution for those looking for an efficient, automatic and customizable home cleaning experience.


Liectroux G7 Floor Cleaning Robot

304€ 399€
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GeneralBrand: LIECTROUX
Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Model: G7 
Color: Black
Small PartsMaterial: ABS
Voltage: 14,4 V
Power: 28 W
Battery: 5200mAh lithium battery
Water tank capacity: 300ml
Dust container capacity: 300ml
Connection method: WIFI connection
Charging time: about 300 minutes
Cleaning time: approximately 180 minutes
Charging type: automatic charging/manual charging
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 7,03 kg
Package weight: 9,98 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 35 x 35 x 9,8cm
Pack size (L x W x H): 45,8 x 43,8 x 36,5cm
Package Contents1 main machine
1 x Dust Collector
2 side brushes
1 cleaning brush
1 water tank and dust container 2 in 1
2 dust bags (1 in box and 1 with automatic emptying station)
2 HEPA filters (1 in box and 1 with device)
2 broom cloths,
1 broom panel
1 adapter
1 user manual.
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