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Liectroux i7 Pro floor cleaner on offer at €214, shipping from Europe included!

The floor vacuum cleaner Lyectroux i7 Pro It is a versatile and powerful appliance, designed for effective cleaning on both hard floors and carpets. Here are some of its main features: for liquids and liquids, cordless, 14000Pa suction, self-cleaning, self-drying, 600 ml clean water tank, 35 minute autonomy, LED display, voice control, low noise

Lyectroux i7 Pro


  1. Power and Aspiration: The Liectroux i7 Pro is equipped with a 250W brushless motor, capable of generating a suction of up to 14.000Pa, thus ensuring deep and effective cleaning of various types of dirt.
  2. Tank Capacity: The device features a 600ml clean water tank and an 800ml dirty water tank, both designed to ensure thorough cleaning without the need for frequent emptying.
  3. Battery and Autonomy: The 4000 mAh battery offers an autonomy of approximately 35-40 minutes, with a charging time of 5,5 hours, allowing you to clean large spaces without interruptions.
  4. Design and Accessories: The Liectroux i7 Pro has an elegant and functional design, with a white plastic body with metallic gray and light blue inserts. It includes several accessories such as a dust brush, a crevice tool and an interchangeable roller with wheels and LED light.
  5. Ease of Use and Maneuverability: Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the device is self-propelled and can tilt up to a 60-degree angle, reducing effort when cleaning.
  6. Cleaning Mode: It offers two cleaning modes, adaptable to the type of dirt, and an intuitive control system with an LED display to monitor the settings.
  7. Self-cleaning and self-drying: After use, the vacuum cleaner can be easily cleaned and dried automatically by placing it in the charging base.
  8. Reduced Noise: Designed to operate with a low noise level, increasing comfort during use.
  9. Vocal Assistant: Includes a voice assistant that provides helpful information and alerts during cleaning.

In conclusion, the Lectroux i7Pro it is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner, suitable for different types of surfaces and with advanced features such as self-cleaning and voice assistant​​​​.


Liectroux i7 Pro floor cleaner

214€ 299€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)

Liectroux i7 Pro floor cleaner

235€ 299€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)
GeneralBrand: Liectroux
Type: Vacuum Cleaner
Model: i7 Pro
Color: Black
Small PartsSuction: 14Kpa
Voltage: 22,2 V
Battery capacity: 4000mAh / 6*21700
Power: 200 W
Dirty water tank: 800 ML
Clean water tank: 600ML
Charging time: 5,5 hours
Runtime: 35-40 minutes
Noise: <75 dB
Dimensions of the work area: approximately 200 mXNUMX
Roller speed: 600 turns/min
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 3,8 kg
Package weight: 7,5 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 280 x 210 x 1150mm
Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): 680 x 342 x 300 mm
Package Contents1 x handle
1 x body
1 x charging base
1 x 600ml clean water tank
1 x cleaning tool
1 x user manual
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