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The Elephant smartwatch? The ELE Watch!

Although i SmartWatch are still niche devices, many have been the producers that this year presented this type of product. Just think about it Apple with its iWatch or Samsung Gear S2. Even the main Chinese companies have been no less, as do not mention the IFA in Berlin 2015 where Huawei, Asus, and Lenovo / Motorola presented to the public their concept of smartwatch.

The second Elephant smartwatch, ELE Watch!


Today we are talking about another Chinese producer who is about to enter the world of intelligent wearable for the first time, Elephone, a company that has always been distinguished to offer products at really affordable prices.

According to sources within the company itself, it seems that Elephone is in the process of launching its first market SmartWatch,ELE Watch, of which we propose some render below. Always according to the source,ELE Watch should be equipped with the operating system of Google dedicated to smart wearable, that is A. It's really interesting news because the adoption of this operating system presupposes a hardware configuration of a certain level, configuration which unfortunately has not yet been communicated to us.


Looking at the image just proposed, we can see how it is SmartWatch di Elephone is characterized by a truly elegant design. Surely the merit is to be attributed primarily to the materials chosen for its realization, that is steel o aluminum. Also, if you look good on the back of the SmartWatch you can notice the presence of a heart rate monitor, also indicates this, how Elephone with its ELE Watch, want to really aim high.

Elephone this year was a great success thanks to its smartphones characterized by excellent value for money. You will be able to break into the hearts of users with this one as well SmartWatch?

Unfortunately, at present we do not know the presentation date or the probable launch price, stay connected for future updates!


Article The Elephant smartwatch? The ELE Watch! seems to be the first of

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