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Will the Xiaomi Mi5 have Force Touch technology?

A few days ago we lowered the curtain on the event Xiaomi where we met the new one We TV 3 and the beautiful one Ninebot mini. It is therefore natural that the rumors of the Chinese company's next flagship rejoin Xiaomi Mi5. Find out what we have to communicate!

Xiaomi Mi5 with Force Touch? Why not!?

Xiaomi Mi5

Of this technical characteristic on the next Xiaomi Mi5 had never been spoken to this day, so the idea of ​​finding this new technology on the company's next flagship Lei Jun.

To put the flea in the ear is once again the Chinese insider Leaksfly, that on its profile Weibo has posted a post that has not gone unnoticed to us We propose you a screeshot of Chrome's translation of the Asian leaker page.

Xiaomi Mi5

As you can see, he said it was Xiaomi (in the Millet translation), which the Korean giant Samsung are developing technologies similar to the Force Touch, technology introduced since Huawei ed Apple in their tip devices, respectively Mate S Chinese version and the 'iPhone 6s.

Even if we can not confirm the truth of its affirmation, in my opinion this is not a possibility to exclude a priori. It just seems that the Force Touch both the real news that we were all waiting for to bring a breath of innovation into a now saturated sector like smartphones, so it should not look strange if manufacturers like Samsung e Xiaomi are working on the development of similar technologies.

Besides all we know very well that Xiaomi always has the best of the best in technology available on the market, so it would seem strange that a technology similar to Force Touch on the next Xiaomi Mi5.

What do you think of boys? Would you like to have the Force Touch on Xiaomi Mi5? Or do you think this technology is still useless for the moment?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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