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Meizu presents mblu? No, that's not actually the case

Meizu a few days ago presented a new product under the "aegis" of mblu: it is the mblu Blus headphones, true wireless headphones (TWS) with very good performance but very low price. Well, today we learned that the mblu brand is not actually from Meizu but from another company. So, please, what does the Chinese technology giant have to do with it? Let's go and find out together.

Meizu presented by poco mblu Blus headphones, but… there is a problem: mblu is not a brand of the brand. There is the same relationship between Oppo and OnePlus

Before continuing, special thanks to the team at MEIZU Fans Global. Meizu did not present mblu Blus. To do so is Lanchen, of which the vice president of Meizu is not the head. But let's go in order. On June 24, 2021, a new company was registered under the name Lanchen Technology (蓝 晨 科技). Today, a certification MIIT reveals that Lanchen (also called Aitatsu Technology) and not Meizu, has applied for and obtained the mblu Blus brand. Recall that the name of this trademark already existed and in fact the Blus headphones were presented after 1269 days.

meizu presents the mblu blus, new low-priced headphones with anc
These are the mblu Blus headphones

That said, mblu is not a completely unrelated company as it supports Flyme Connection, which makes it easy to pair the headphones with the 18 series and 17 series. This is because Lanchen is a subsidiary, or rather a subsidiary. Therefore, the relationship between the Chinese giant and Lanchen is similar to the relationship between Oppo, OnePlus and realme before independence, unlike the relationship between vivo and iQOO and Xiaomi and Redmi.

Therefore, the brand has no right to decide the commercial policy for Lanchen and it is incorrect to describe the announced product as from Meizu. We can therefore say that the headphones POPPro that poco are on Amazon are a direct competitor of mblu Blus.

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