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Meizu 18 has solved the problem of the charger in the box

Meizu 18 it will be released on March 3rd and we will finally be able to see it in all its glory. But there are some things that will be missing, like the battery charger. the question was first raised by Apple . The company decided, for reasons related to the environment protection, not to put the charger inside the box of your latest iPhone. Then there was the following Xiaomi which gave users the choice: Xiaomi Mi 11 with or without charger? And then there is Meizu which has opted for the most sensible choice perhaps: to equip its flagship with two charging standards.

Meizu 18 has two charging protocols: Qualcomm's Quick Charge and Universal Power Delivery. In this way he decided to please everyone

Meizu 18 probably made the choice that it will raise the least controversy of all. As revealed today by the company itself through i social channels, the device has solved the tedious charger problem. Yes or no? The choice is the second: the smartphone it will not be sold with the charger and the choice, more or less acceptable, is this. However, as the brand knows that controversy could arise in this regard, it has decided to equip the device with two charging standards: Quick Charge and Power Delivery.

What changes between the two and why of this choice?

The choice of Meizu might seem senseless but in the end it is not. First let's see the differences between the two protocols, In short. There Quick Charge, which can range from 10 to 30 W depending on the type, is exclusive to Qualcomm. In reality, precisely for this reason, a charging standard cannot be defined as it only works with devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. On the contrary, the Power Delivery it is universal and can be used by everyone as long as you have a type-C cable. Basically the PD mode is more paid and adaptable.

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However, the brand has decided to integrate both solutions, why? For give choice to users. Instead of choosing whether or not to buy a charger, the end user will only be able to adjust based on the type of cable and charger he has at home. If it has an adapter and wire that support charging up to 10W, it will use that, regardless of the “standard it supports.

Meizu 18 and 18 Pro battery and charging

The company has not yet officially announced which battery and charging power will be integrated on the device, however Chinese certifications they gave us this information in preview. The version standard should have a double cell with in total 4000 mAh and a power of 36 W (80% in 30 minutes), the Pro a double cell with in total 4500 mAh and a power of 40 W. Furthermore the latter will be the only one to rely on wireless charging.

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