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Meizu 18 and 18 Pro, here they are in reality: the brand has listened to users

After yesterday's announcement, it was only a matter of time before that Meizu 18 and 18 Pro were revealed. And in fact this morning the company decided to show everyone what the next two top-of-the-range smartphones will be like. We wondered why of choosing to integrate one Snapdragon 870 in the basic version, but today seeing the official images, perhaps we have understood the move of the brand and all in all we share it. But having said that let's go and see the differences between the two.

These are Meizu 18 and 18 Pro: the choice of the brand was clearly aimed at users rather than earnings and perhaps this will lead to considerable earnings

It is no secret that the policy of Meizu is to produce poco but of quality. Despite Meizu 18 and 18 Pro show themselves with a profile identical to that of all the tops of late 2021 / early 2021 range, there is something only they have. In fact, the two flagships will be positioned in two completely different bands: the first is that of devices compact, the other the classic one, of users who want a powerful smartphone regardless of design. And in our opinion the Chinese company will be able to please everyone.

meizu 18 and 18 pro live

As we can see, the company's policy has inclined for one small smartphone (loudly requested not only in China but also in Europe) and a bigger one. If before we did not understand what was the reason for having integrated a Snapdragon 870 in the basic variant, now perhaps it is clearer: a compact refers to the idea of ​​a lower price and only with a less expensive SoC prices can be lowered for users. That said, compared to the previous generation there are many changes and we cannot say that Meizu 18 is a diamond of originality.

The frames are minimal but it has come to make a device quite similar to the others. Curved waterfall-style edges are the masters. It is useless now to remember the technical for two reasons: they are not confirmed and if they were, it would be the same specifications as those of the other top of the range.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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