Xiaomi Mi 11, according to sales, is not for men

Xiaomi Mi 11 it wouldn't be a smartphone for men but for women. The top of the range just released in Europe, which has been setting fire to China for weeks, is much more appreciated by women in the motherland than by men. This is what they reveal Chinese sources which, a few days after the device went on sale, also confirm record numbers. But what is this preference due to? Why does the female world tend more than the male one to buy the new top of the Xiaomi range? We have an idea.

Xiaomi Mi 11 is the favorite of women the number of female buyers has tripled compared to the female audience of the previous Mi 10 smartphone

According to the sales statistics, Xiaomi Mi 11 has seen the number of sales within the female audience triple compared to its predecessor Mi 10. In our opinion, the reason is obvious. first of all the YouTube's ADS, but click on them, that has been made since the onset of this device has been more soft. In general we focused a lot poco on brute power smartphone and indeed, the spotlight has been focused on design

and on the sinuous lines. In fact, it is no secret that the photo module is more elegant.

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The second reason is precisely related to design. Compared to the previous generation of Mi smartphones, this Xiaomi Mi 11 lends itself a lot to a female audience because of its lines poco aggressive. Both the display and the rear module refer to an idea of lightness, tranquility, or at least to something poco sporty and more elegant. In our opinion, this aspect was crucial.

However, that doesn't mean that men won't buy the device. The fact remains that it is an excellent terminal both in terms of software and hardware. Recently too Android Central stated that the MIUI 12 that we find on this model is the best that has ever been made. This is the result of skin optimization.

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