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Almost half of new Meizu users used iPhone: why?

You read that right: the users you are switching to Meizu 18 they are for the most part coming from the iOS platform, therefore Apple. A research conducted by the company itself (via Read) proved that ben the 45% of users who have now switched to using the new flagship of the Chinese brand, before they used an iPhone. A somewhat strange result that we would never have guessed. It could have been expected Xiaomi, called "Chinese Apple“, But why Meizu instead? Let's try to understand it together.

Almost half of the buyers of the new Meizu flagships are former iPhone users: the reasons have not been disclosed but we have some ideas

Meizu shared today an interesting fact concerning the “Portrait” of the buyer of the new flagships of the 18 series .. It was found that 45% of people who buy the company's new products are former Apple users. The company illustrated this with a original teaser.

meizu users come from apple
We read "Welcome Apple users"

But what are the reasons that would push Apple users to switch to Android, and in particular to FlymeOS? First of all it must be said that no promotion has been proposed for iPhone users. Simply, at the time of purchase, the Chinese company asked which smartphone users were using previously. The real reason was not reported by the company but we can guess.

FlymeOS from Meizu is one of the few companies that offers one completely bloatware-free android skin. This means adhering to the policy you call the "three zeros" policy: 0 advertisements, 0 push messages, 0 pre-installed apps. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons.

Secondly, we can undoubtedly recognize that the design helps a lot. Starting from the Meizu 17 up to the last 18, the design of the smartphone is very clean, smooth, not aggressive at all and very satisfying. A feature that we undoubtedly find in the iPhone. But you, what do you think? Will these be the reasons or is there more underneath?

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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