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Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition: new details

In the previous article we talked about the new Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition, the first high-end smartphone to equip the mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system. We had greeted you promising more details as soon as they were there and we are here to keep up our promise here.B-x2w4rUUAAX7tE

Let's start from the availability: it seems that the new jewel born from the collaboration between Meizu and Canonical will be available, even in Italy, since the end of April; unfortunately we still do not know the price, we hope to stay in line with that of the standard MX4.

Let's go to the heart of this new MX4, the operating system. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer you a complete overview of the potential of this new OS, but, as stated by Meizu's staff, we can tell you it will be an open source operating system, like the older brother for the desktop version, and will be highly customizable, even more than Android. Ubuntu Touch points to the simplicity and immediacy of any operation and will allow us to manage our smartphone with a large array of gestures. Unfortunately there is bad news for those who, already having the Android version of the MX4, want to install Ubuntu on their own device: Meizu has in fact said that due to incompatibility between kernels and bootloaders of their respective OSs it will not be possible to do this . False step for Meizu, we hope to get back on their steps.

Finally, here is a little thing to be missed: look at how the two Samsung employees in the picture, look closely at the new Meizu device !!


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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