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Meizu devotes itself to the automotive sector, but this patent leaves us really perplexed

It is now established that Meizu, like Xiaomi, has entered the world of cars. There are several patents that confirm this. But the company itself, thanks to the development of Flyme for Car, claimed to be up to his neck in the “automotive” project. There are many patents that the Chinese giant has presented and one of these, the last, is truly hallucinating. It is a system that acts as a mosquito repellent, but inside a vehicle. Let's see the details.

Meizu has patented (or is thinking of) a method of repelling mosquitoes inside a car. A weird idea or too smart?

Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. has published a patent that reports in the abstract "a method, a processor and a system to repel mosquitoes in cars". The application date is June 2021, so this is a rather young project.

According to the patent excerpt of Meizu, the method of repelling mosquitoes in a car includes the collection of images and / or sound information in the car to determine if there are mosquitoes in the vehicle. Basically, using different sound sensors (or presumably ultra-sensitive microphones) the system would be able to recognize whether or not the annoying insect is present inside the passenger compartment.

meizu thinks of a mosquito repellent for use in the car
The abstract of Meizu's patent for the repellent

Once this information is collected, the system devised by Meizu would be able to say whether the mosquito is male or female. Based on this, the artificial intelligence will consider what the more effective methods to repel the mosquito from the car. Unfortunately, the abstract does not mention whether the method of eliminating the insect involves a sound system rather than a liquid (spray type).

It is not the first time that the Chinese company has thought of alternative security systems. The excerpt of another patent thought by Meizu, states that there is a way to send rescue information to a rescue device when the driver's driving state is in an abnormal state. Driver's location information will be clearly shared.

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