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Meizu as Xiaomi Auto: here is the detection of the driving status in the car

It is well established that Meizu actually entered in the automotive sector. The project Flyme for Car it is in full development and apparently insiders are building a noteworthy plant. As well as also Xiaomi is doing, you think application areas of different technologies in the context of the car-related project. The latest news from China concerns the guide status detection. Let's go see the details.

A patent shows Meizu's interest in the automobile industry. It "begins" with a detection of the driving status. Are you curious?

Meizu recently issued a patent on "Methods, devices, electronic equipment and aids for the driving status of drivers“, The publication number is CN113128443A and the application date is April 2021. We understand how the company has rightly considered that in the moment of driving, several accidents can occur ranging fromdriver fatigue due to the distraction of pedestrians non-compliance with traffic rules by other drivers.

When a vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, like communicate information about the incident to others for the first time in order to obtain timely and effective assistance is an issue that worries both the driver and passengers.

Meizu as Xiaomi Auto: here is the detection of the driving status in the car

The patent excerpt shows that this new method devised by Meizu sends distress information to the end device (that of rescue) when the driving state of the driver is in an abnormal state. They will come clearly shared information about the driver's location. These are the only information we have about it at the moment.

It is premature to say when Meizu's automobile project (s) will see the light of day. No doubt we will first have to see something from Xiaomi. As is well known, Lei Jun's Chinese giant has been working in this sector for much longer.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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