Meizu will present a new device by the end of the year?

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After the official presentation of the Meizu Metal you thought maybe that would be the last device Meizu of this 2015? Wrong!

New Meizu smartphone coming?

Let's start Monday with one of those news that we like so much! Some rumors are leaked in the net that they want a new device Meizu submitted by the end of the year, a device that should equip you, like the recent one Meizu Metal, for an body made entirely of metal ed a fingerprint scanner probably allocated to the home physical key.

Meizu metal

To reveal what is exposed is the Chinese analyst Sun Changxu who, on his Weibo profile, has informed his followers about the imminent new device of the Chinese giant. Although the details on this new device are really very few, almost nonexistent, and in no way can we verify the veracity of the Sun Changxu, we can also start speculating on.


Statements by Sun Changxu about the new device of the Chinese company

Since the average band has now been occupied by Meizu Metal, it is natural to think that the new device could go to place itself either in the low or high end of the market. If it were a low-end device it could very well be a variant in metal and with a fingerprint reader of the Meizu m2, maybe moved from the operating system Yunos and therefore destined for only Chinese public. If it were a high-end device it could be a Pro 5 mini, smartphone whose existence has been confirmed by the company's own executives but which, in open contradiction with the latest rumors, should be presented in the first half of 2016.

New smartphone or not, this is a matter that definitely needs to be thorough, so stay tuned for further updates!


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