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Meizu Pro 5: Overheating for him too?

Il Meizu Pro 5 is the latest flagship launched poco less than two weeks ago from the Chinese manufacturer Meizu. In this article we will show you some tests to verify the processor's goodness Exynos 7420 in terms of heat dissipation. Are you curious to see the results obtained?

Temperature Test on Meizu Pro 5: Here's the Results!


Meizu Pro 5

It seems that the most talked-about problem in this 2015 is the ability of processors to disperse the heat produced optimally. Unfortunately many users have verified on their own skin that Snapdragon 810 does not excel in this field, indeed, so I find it interesting to show you some tests that have tested the processor Exynos 7420 di Samsung. Do you think it has behaved?


Meizu Pro 5

The first evaluation we are suggesting for the results was done by running at Meizu Pro 5 a test on Antutu of the duration of five minutes in which more than 76.000 points. We know that a similar test can squeeze all the hardware configuration of any terminal up to the bone, in a way that is equivalent to a gaming session of the same duration. As you can see from photos shot with the help of a thermal camera, the maximum temperatures reached in this test are 39.5 e 37.3 gradi Celsius respectively at the front and at the back of the device. The Meizu Pro 5 it has proved able to maintain its overall temperature below 40 gradi Celsius, a bad result if we think of the power it has been able to emanate.


Meizu Pro 5

In the second test instead, a video was played in 1080p resolution for a duration of 10 minutes. Even in this case, the maximum temperatures reached were not very high. We did 34.6 gradi Celsius for the front and 34.2 gradi Celsius for the back.

Both tests demonstrate how Meizu he has done a great job to secure in his Pro 5 a proper heat dissipation. Do you think so? It ticks you this Meizu Pro 5?


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