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Unprecedented: MEIZU will sell iPhones in its official store, that's why

Meizu is starting to sell iPhones in its official online store. News that caught us a little off guard this morning. We saw this company dealing with the Cupertino brand a few days ago, when the data spoke of a good one 45% of users from the Apple world. The reason was not clear at that time but then we discovered an advantageous offer that the Chinese giant had put together. But now what happens? Let's see it together.

That's why MEIZU is selling iPhones in its official store: the reason is mainly related to the security of the devices

First of all we want to thank MEIZU Fans Global for reporting the news, which comes directly from the official channels of the Chinese company. Basically what is happening is that the behemoth has decided to also sell iPhones on its online portals. In particular, the model that has been chosen is the last one, that is iPhone 12. Below is the poster announcing the shocking decision.

meizu sells iphone on the official store
The official poster that advertises the sale of the iPhone on the MEIZU store

Starting tomorrow, at 10.00 Chinese, the brand will offer users the apple device. But for what reason? The answer is one, even if we struggle to believe it: safety. As we have seen previously, the Flyme or the personalized Android smartphone skin, offers abloatware free experience but above all safe. There are no data theft dangers as the system is highly secured. And what does Apple have to do with this? In this regard, we report the words of Wan Zhiqiang, marketing manager of MEIZU:

It is a tribute to the fundamental rights and interests of users. I recommend only two protected phones in the iOS world and the Android world: MEIZU and iPhone.

Wan Zhiqiang, marketing manager

In short, there is a partnership between the two worlds that have always found themselves colliding: Android and iOS. This, however, concerns not so much features and functionality, as a safety system that unites the two spheres.


Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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