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Will the Chinese Xiaomi Mi Band 8 receive the global update?

A question that many of you are asking us in the comments review, is if the Chinese Mi Band 8 will receive the global update as with many of the previous versions. This would allow us to add other languages ​​to use it freely in our country.

Will the update to the Mi Band 8 Global be released?

This excitement is understandable because this year among the presentation of the Chinese Mi Band 8 and that overall several months have passed and many users, both out of impatience and attracted by the very low price, have purchased the Chinese version even though it does not have the Italian language.

Let's make it clear right away There are no official statements but fans of the Mi Band, who are not just Xiaomi fans, confidently await the update that will make their smartband international because in the recent models it has often happened.

There are therefore good conditions to be optimistic, also from a hardware point of view the two versions are identical and they even share it same model number M2239B1.

Xiaomi smart band 8

When will the Mi Band 8 Global update be released?

This delay in presentation between the two versions it has certainly created a problem in marketing.

In the past, releasing the update to the Global version had no repercussions on sales because the International Mi Band was already available "nice and ready" in stores.

This year, most likely, we will wait to release the update to the Mi Band 8 Global to avoid the risk that this could slow down sales of a "new" product.

In close there are many signs which suggest the possible conversion from the Mi Band 8 CN to International with a delay justified by a commercial strategy.

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