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Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7: all the differences

In the world of smart bands, Xiaomi is a name that stands out for its quality and innovation. In this article, we will explore the differences between the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 and the Mi Band 7, two of the company's most popular models. We will analyze the technical specifications, features and performance of both devices to help you decide which is the best option. It is worth mentioning that the eighth generation smartband was presented today in Italy together with Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro and smartphones in the series Xiaomi 13t.

Structure and design

The Mi Band 8, with its dimensions of 48 mm x 22,5 mm x 10,99 mm and a weight of 27 g, looks like a compact and lightweight device, ideal for those seeking comfort and practicality.

On the other hand, the Mi Band 7, despite having slightly smaller size measuring 46,5 mm x 20,7 mm x 12,25 mm and weighing just 13,5 g, it does not give up sturdiness and style.

Both models boast TPU straps, known for their durability and comfort, with the Mi Band 7 also offering an aluminum alloy buckle, adding a touch of elegance.

xiaomi mi band 8
The double-wrap strap model of Mi Band 8

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7 display

The display is a crucial element in a smart band, and both the Mi Band 8 and the Mi Band 7 feature a touch display A1,62 inch MOLED with a resolution of 192 x 490 pixels, ensuring sharp images and vibrant colors.

The Mi Band 8, however, stands out for its maximum brightness of 600 nits, higher than the 500 nits of the Mi Band 7, allowing better visibility in bright light conditions.

Furthermore, display protection is equally important, with the Mi Band 8 adopting 2.5D reinforced glass and the Mi Band 7 which opts for tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating, both ideal for resisting scratches and fingerprints.

Sensors and performance

Sensor technology is critical for accurately tracking physical activity and health. Both models are equipped with high-precision 6-axis PPG heart rate sensors, which, together with other sensors, such as the ambient light sensor present only in the Mi Band 8, allow us to collect precise and reliable data. This data is essential for anyone who wants to track their habits and improve their well-being.

Battery and connectivity

Battery life is another crucial aspect. The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 promises up to 16 days of use typical with a capacity of 190 mAh, surpassing the Mi Band 7 which offers up to 14 days with a capacity of 180 mAh.

Magnetic charging is a common feature between the two models, but the Mi Band 8 has the advantage of one charging time approximately 1 hour, compared to the 2 hours of the Mi Band 7.

As for connectivity, both smart bands support the technology Bluetooth CORN, with the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 using version 5.1 and the Mi Band 7 the version 5.2.

xiaomi mi band 8 xon tablet xiaomi pad 5

Operating system and apps

Compatibility with various operating systems is essential in an increasingly connected world. Both smart bands are compatible with Android 6.0 or later, while for iOS users, the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 requires iOS 12 or later and the Mi Band 7 iOS 10 or later.

The Mi Fitness app, available for both models, is intuitive and feature-rich, allowing users to monitor and analyze health and physical activity data simply and effectively.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7 price

As regards the price of the two smartbands, the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 was presented today together with the Xiaomi 13T and Watch 2 Pro and costs € 39,99 at launch.

The Mi Band 7 on the other hand, released last year, only costs 34,99 €. Clearly we are talking about the prices on the company's official website. On other e-commerce channels it is also possible to find them at a lower price, although this is unlikely for the latest release (for now).

Comparison Xiaomi Mi Band 8 and Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Small PartsXiaomi Mi Band 8Xiaomi Mi Band 7
Dimensions:48 mm x 22,5 mm x 10,99 mm46,5 mm x 20,7 mm x 12,25 mm
Weight :27 g13,5 g
Strap materialTPUTPU
Strap buckleNot specifiedAluminum Alloy
Strap dimensions135mm–210mm160 mm - 224 mm
Display1,62″ AMOLED (192 x 490 pixels)1,62″ AMOLED (192 x 490 pixels, 326 PPI)
BrightnessUp to 600 nits, adjustableUp to 500 nits, adjustable
Display material2.5D reinforced glassAnti-fingerprint tempered glass
Sensors6-axis PPG, Ambient light sensor6-axis PPG, 3-axis accelerometer,
Battery190 mAh (≥ 16 days of use)180 mAh (≥ 14 days of use)
Charging timeAbout 1 hourAbout 2 hours
Type of RefillMagneticMagnetic
Water resistance5 ATM5 ATM
Bluetooth5.1 BLE5.2 BLE
Operating systemAndroid 6.0+, iOS 12+Android 6.0+, iOS 10+
AppMy FitnessMy Fitness

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