How to improve Xiaomi camera

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How to improve Xiaomi camera

improve xiaomi camera

Time Required: 5 minutes.

For most Xiaomi phones, the default camera app settings are not suitable for taking remarkable photos. Sometimes you need to take a quick look at the settings and change some or download/install a third party camera app. In the next few lines we show you how you can improve the quality of your camera.

  1. Change the default settings

    Start a File Manager application. The default is fine, or one of your choice

  2. Open the DCIM/Camera folder

    Browse the phone memory and enter the folder DCIM and then into that Bedroom. The latter is created automatically when the first picture is takenimprove Xiaomi camera

  3. Create folder lab_options_visible

    With the menu on the top right (three dots) create a new folder with the name lab_options_visibleimprove Xiaomi camera

  4. Force stop the Camera application

    Using the task manager, force close the Camera applicationimprove Xiaomi camera

  5. Reopen the Camera application

    Open the camera application and go to Settings. If your model is compatible with this change, a new entry will appear Experimental featuresimprove Xiaomi camera

Note: This procedure only works for some phones; if you're lucky, it will probably work for you too.

Download GCam

Sometimes the default camera app is not enough and you need an external camera app; fortunately there is Google Camera which can free i limitations of your camera. Google Camera is your best choice.

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