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Mijia Ultra-thin Low-suction Range Hood S1 MJ07 is the new ultra-thin smart hood

Xiaomi has launched its new smart extractor hood, the Mijia Ultra-thin Low-suction Range Hood S1 MJ07, which promises to offer effective and silent suction with an elegant and slim design. The launch price is 1.999 yuan, about 260 Euro at the current exchange rate.

Mijia Ultra-thin Low-suction Range Hood S1 MJ07 is the new ultra-thin smart hood

The Mijia Ultra-thin Low-suction Range Hood S1 MJ07 has a ultra slim body just 12cm thick and a flat glass panel, which allows it to suck in air at a distance of 30 cm from the cooking surface, reducing noise and space taken up to a minimum. The hood has a static pressure of 1000Pa and an air flow of 25m3/min, ensuring powerful and uniform suction.

The hood is also equipped with a AI intelligent enhancement system, which automatically adapts the volume and pressure of the air based on the quantity and quality of the smoke produced by cooking, without the need for manual adjustments. In this way, the hood is able to provide optimal performance in every situation.

The Ultra-thin Low-suction Range Hood S1 MJ07 is also a smart hood, which Supports gesture control, app control and kitchen connection. Users can turn the hood on and off by simply touching the panel with their right or left hand. Gestures are precise commands, which are recognized and executed quickly by the artificial intelligence integrated into the hood.

The hood It also supports connection with Mijia kitchen, which allows you to activate the extraction immediately after lighting the fire and to delay extinguishing for 3 minutes after turning it off, to absorb residual smoke. Furthermore, the hood can also be controlled via the Mijia app, which allows you to monitor the status of the hood, adjust settings and receive notifications.

The hood is already available for purchase on Xiaomi's official website in China and it would be really nice if it arrived in other markets too. Do you think so too or are you not interested in it as a product? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Last updated on July 20, 2024 6:35
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