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For the Tensor G4, the Google-Samsung axis is still standing. Pixel 9s don't choose TSMC

As we have seen lately, devices in the next few years will have to be much more powerful. The reason is easy to say: theGenerative AI will be served on-premises, without the need for servers, and this requires computing power. Could this be the reason why Google Tensor G4 will continue to be built by Samsung? In fact, it seems that TSMC has exited the game. At the moment. Here is the latest news.

The next Pixel 9 will have a Samsung SoC with a 4nm process

From the previous version, the Tensor G3, used in the Pixel 8 series, the step forward is evident. This chipset, the result of a collaboration between Google and Samsung, showed how innovation can lead to substantial improvements. Recently, the news of the evolution towards G4 tensioner caught attention by confirming that the production will once again be handled by Samsung, but with an updated process.

google tensor g3

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Technical specifications of the Tensor G4

The new Tensor G4, according to information emerged, will be made through Samsung's third-generation SF4P process, a 4nm technology. This represents an updated version compared to the process used for the Tensor G3, promising a greater efficiency and possible performance improvements.

The partnership between Google and Samsung is nothing new, but the confirmation of their collaboration for the Tensor G4 reiterates the solidity of this alliance. Despite rumors that Google might opt for TSMC for the production of future chips, for now, the choice has once again fallen on Samsung.

Rumors indicate that Google is already planning the launch of its first fully customized chipset, the G5 tensioner, with the Pixel 10 series. This future chip, according to reports, will be produced by TSMC marking a possible new direction for Google's technological collaboration. In short, does Google go where the wind goes or are there plans underneath that we don't know about?

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