MIUI 12.5: enhanced the password manager, improved battery information and smartphones become wireless microphones

We could not end the day without talking to you about MIUI 12.5 which together with Mi 11 are the most popular topics at the moment among Xiaomi fans. We know that MIUI 12.5 has been released in the form of a beta update and that not all devices will receive it but above all that not all devices will take advantage of the many new functions made available by the proprietary interface of Lei Jun's company, such as the MIUI +.

In any case, new and interesting functions appear every day that create the starting point of the future MIUI13. Today we are talking about three interesting and improving features, such as the one featuring the password management system, with which it will be possible to remember them without having to write them down. The password manager is not new in MIUI, but with version 12.5 this has been enhanced using the support of the Mi Cloud platform. From the special menu Password manager it will be possible to enable automatic synchronization, so that the user can save passwords on their Xiaomi account. At that point, by logging in on another smartphone with MIUI 12.5 ROM, you will have all the passwords saved with the method just mentioned.

miui 12.5

But this is just one of the two novelties we are going to tell you about today and which is in addition to the many others that we have already listed in recent days, such as the possibility of making our smartphones wireless microphones or the customization of icons and much more.

MIUI 12.5: enhanced the password manager, improved battery information and smartphones become wireless microphones

Indeed, now that it comes to mind, we have not told you about the fact that the smartphones of the brand through MIUI 12.5 are transformed into a sort of wireless microphones. The function is called Wireless Mic and in fact it allows to transform the smartphone into a microphone, whose audio will be reproduced by Bluetooth speaker. The uses, in addition to pure fun, can also be used in professional fields, ranging from karaoke to animate parties at home or outdoors or to make announcements, perhaps as a small megaphone.

miui 12.5

And here we are at the third new function that the MIUI 12.5 Beta Testing has revealed and that will undoubtedly capture the interest of many users, as well as rivals in the sector, who could copy the idea of ​​Xiaomi. In particular, with the new interface of the Chinese brand, the information relating to the battery and its use are improved, not limiting the content to just the percentage.

With MIUI 12.5 we would have the opportunity to understand the actual state of the battery and the behavior of the apps that have had the greatest impact on the discharge of the same, but only after 3 complete charging cycles, a series of more precise information will be unlocked on the progress of the energy state and the actual “health” of the battery.

miui 12.5

We will then have an overview of the battery status also at a graphic level, with a sort of "scoreboard" that will give us the degree of health of the unit, with values ​​such as Excellent, Discount, Normal e Low. Function useful to understand if we actually need maintenance or a battery change directly, but other prominent elements of the new function is the presence of data on the screen such as the battery temperature and the number of recharges made.

From the same screen it will then be possible to enable / disable reverse wireless charging, if supported by your smartphone. Useful function for all those who do not change their phone every 3 months, as the yield and goodness of the new interface in MIUI 12.5 can only be appreciated after a certain period and / or in any case for all those who have devices that are dated but supported at the change interface. While waiting for the ROM to make its first appearances in a global key, you can try all the functions of MIUI 12.5 in the form of Custom ROM xiaomi.eu, cleaned of the appropriate chinoiserie without giving up all the news of the moment.

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