MIUI Global Forum closes its doors - Here's what will happen

"All good things must come to an end" reads a famous proverb that adapts to the news like never before: The international MIUI Forum, the one that has shaped the home for all non-Chinese MIUI users in recent years, will close shortly and permanently.

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I, who am a first-time MIUI user, cannot but welcome the novelty with a great nostalgia thinking back to the many written contents, the things learned, the people known (Italian and otherwise) who accompanied me on a journey along 6 years and who led to a face of Xiaomi very different from what it was before.

They were different times in which Xiaomi had released an "open" ROM that created infinite potential but also difficulties that could be addressed together with international users thanks to the English language. But over the years the Forum has become a monster from well 14 million users and a rather confusing organization and now unsuitable for the new generation of Xiaomists who buys from MediaWorld and travels with a Stable ROM.

Times change and it is right to adapt. Since Xiaomi has "landed" physically in many countries outside China, she was born spontaneously the need to create an official local community that could give the right support in the national language. This dynamic has inevitably overlapped that of having a single international Forum in English making it inevitable the closure of the old and historic forum.

As far as the 'Italy we can count on a community that is already well established, that XiaomiToday.it helped to give birth together with GizChina.it and MIUI Italia - managed by good Luca Frigerio that this year has worked tirelessly to get ready for this moment.

When will the transfer take place?

The migration will start from 8 April and will probably take over a week to complete the transfer. In any case from the8 Aprile the forum will be available only in reading mode, it will therefore be possible to consult all the contents again but you will no longer be able to create new threads or respond to existing ones or perform other operations on your account. The switch-off final is scheduled for June 30 2019, day on which the MIUI Global Forum will definitely close its doors.

What will the old users and content do?

You will certainly be wondering what will happen to all your users, points, medals and awards. Rest assured a large part of the contents has been migrated in these ways:

You can configure a new one if you haven't already.

If you already have a username on Mi Community you can keep it, otherwise you can change it manually if you only see your Mi ID as your username

Note: Usernames and avatars will not be transferred from the MIUI Global Forum to the Mi Community.
1. If you have not registered on Mi Community, you can create one using your Mi ID and then change your username
2. If you already have an account on Mi Community, simply log in as you usually do

All friends will be transferred to your Mi Community account

Threads and Answers
Threads and comments published by 1 January 2015 to 8 Aprile 2019 will be transferred to the Mi Community. If you have important threads prior to 1 January 2015 and you don't want to lose them, you'll have to back them up.

Credits, Experience and Check-in
All these data will be transferred by MIUI Global Forum and added to those on your Mi Community account. More details will be provided later.

Special team members

More details will be provided later.

Albums saved on MIUI Global Forum will not be transferred to Mi Community. If you have important photos, back up before the migration.

Since the size of the medals on Mi Community are different from those on the MIUI Global Forum, they will not be transferred for the moment, but the most important medals will be selected, recreated with compatible dimensions and transferred back to your Mi Community account. A lot of new medals are coming for the planned activities after the migration.

With so much nostalgia I have given you this news of some plan I will make myself a reason. Veterans or not, what do you think?


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not ready yet

What bad news

Guglielmo Monteforte
Guglielmo Monteforte

What do you think? ... I think it's a decidedly false and wrong step ... time will answer about it ..

not ready yet

Nooo, why?
Since I discovered Xiaomi, and took my first Cell, it was the first thing I did, registering, and getting some medals, and writing to other users around the world
This makes me sad and a little ..
We'll see what happens

Алексей Ибрагимов

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