MIUI will activate the document tampering watermark

MIUI it is a fantastic Android skin, no matter what people say. It will also be full of bugs, but we cannot say that it is poor in functionality. Let's think about the Toolbox function that Xiaomi has renewed since poco. There are also many secret functions that we can still unlock through this ploy. New features will arrive in the future and one of them was unveiled in preview by a well-known developer and member of XDA Developers, as well as of Xiaomi.eu. This is a feature that provides the introduction of the watermark to "mark" our documents and prevent them from being tampered with or modified.

MIUI will introduce the watermark (also called watermark) to protect our documents: no one will steal our personal works anymore

Kacper Skrzypek, known in the world of MIUI developers as kacskrz, has discovered a new feature coming via upcoming updates. This is the introduction of the watermark within the Gallery app. We already know it in a certain sense: as soon as we buy a Xiaomi smartphone and use the camera, the first photos we take "come out" with a watermark (or watermark). Well, apparently this can be used for make documents tamper-proof. In the photos below we see how it can be used

Therefore, within the camera options, in the MIUI Gallery, we will be able to activate the option (left photo). In the settings we can clearly also disable it (photo in the center). This will work as we see in the right photo: photos and documents can be "branded" with a personalized watermark. We editors also use a similar function when we have exclusives and we don't want other editors to steal our work. Well, both in the photos and in the documents, MIUI will give us the opportunity to do the same thing.

MIUI developer said he managed to enable the feature, but has not yet been able to take pictures with that watermark. Only live previews work. That said, for the moment the protective watermark function is only present on MIUi China Beta. In the future we will also see it on the MIUI Global.

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