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Meizu presents MYVU Discovery and AR Glasses, the lightest and brightest AR glasses in the world

Together with new flagship, today Meizu launched a new brand today called MYVU, aiming to create a range of AR (augmented reality) smart glasses for users that are more fashionable, thinner, easier to use and suitable for wearing in all weather conditions.

Meizu presents its MYVU Discovery and AR glasses, the lightest and brightest AR glasses in the world


MYVU is the first brand to bring two fashionable AR smart glasses for all seasons to the market - the flagship product MYVU Discovery e MYVU AR smart glasses. Together with a new smart ring MYVU Ring.

MYVU Discovery is the lightest all-in-one AR device mass-produced color film in the world. Uses a photolithography machine to customize three Micro LED displays from scratch with the “highest brightness in mass production,” creating the “world's smallest all-in-one AR color light engine” at just 0,4 cm² .

According to official data, this light engine does not have the “side fringes” common in AR glasses, and also meets the requirements of lightweight for AR in all weather conditions.

MYVU Discovery

It also uses the world's first mass-produced resin optical waveguide lens to make fashionable all-weather AR smart glasses that are “lightweight” and “safe”. While the optical quality of this lens is no inferior to that of glass lenses, it is also 50% lighter.

Meizu said that this is a great wearing experience achieved through 10+ technology iterations, continuously overcoming 100+ manufacturing problems, and working hard for almost 25 months.

AR Smart Glasses

Meizu said MYVU Discovery is the industry leader in color AR glasses, weighs only 71 grams. It uses an aircraft-grade magnesium and aluminum alloy to cover more than 50% of the lens body. It has a hollow design to reduce the number of lightweight parts, with up to 139 parts. It is completely assembled through 839 processes, and its precision surpasses that of a sports car.

Furthermore, MYVU Discovery is equipped with the system for the first time FlymeAR. With the support of Flyme's large AI model, it helps MYVU become an intelligent personal assistant in users' travel, work, life and entertainment scenarios.

MYVU AR Smart Glasses

I MYVU AR Smart Glasses they are a pair of less performing but ultra light AR glasses weighing just 43 grams.

MYVU Discovery it will be available for pre-sale on Meizu's official website for 9999 yuan, around 1300 euros at the exchange. THE MYVU AR Smart Glasses will be sold at the price of 2499 yuan, about 320 euros.


Finally, the MYVU Ring it is a smart ring to be used together with AR glasses. The product consists of a ceramic outer ring and a stainless steel inner ring, supports IPX7 waterproof grade, provides a MYVU intelligent charging compartment, there are four sizes from 17-22mm to choose from.


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