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Netflix will increase prices in 2024. How far will the streaming company go?

Netflix is preparing for a new strategic move: an expected one price increase for 2024. According to analysts of UBS Securities, this decision will not only accelerate the platform's revenue and earnings growth but will further consolidate its hold on global television viewing time. But if analysts say this, what what users think who are the ones who pay for these subscriptions?

What's behind Netflix's price hike in 2024

With the introduction of tariff increases in 2024, accompanied by the success of ad-supported plan and from the sustained increase in new subscribers, total revenue growth is estimated to be 15%, up from 7% in 2023. The latest price increase, recorded in October last year, saw the basic plan in the U.S. pass from $9.99 to $11.99 per month, with similar increases also in the United Kingdom and France.

While no specific plans have been announced for 2024, statements from executives suggest that further increases are being considered standard practice for supporting investment in new films, series and games.

Netflix advertising rules

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Netflix shares responded positively to this news, with an increase in value of 1,5%. This reflects not only investor confidence but also Netflix's ability to maintain a strong pricing power compared to other streaming services, thanks to lower prices on average per hour of consumption.

Another aspect that Netflix is ​​focusing on is sharing passwords and accounts. Although the company believes it has "successfully addressed" this problem, no concrete data has been provided on the number of users who have joined the new features Profile Transfer e Member Additional.

New Netflix prices for Italy

PianoPrice NewPrevious Price
With advertising5,99 €4,99 €
Basic10,99 €7,99 €
Standard13,49 €12,99 €
Premium19,99 €17,99 €
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