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NEWS: Hugo Barra talks about Xiaomi, Google and the future

Four months have passed since Hugo Barra he left Google's vice president of Android to land in Beijing and hold the position of boss in Xiaomi Global.

We imagine that the choice has been pondered for a long time also because to leave a safe harbor, indeed the safest harbor [don't want Apple, Facebook, Amazon & co.] Which is that of BigG to move to China and lead a relatively young like Xiaomi is not for everyone!

Colleagues of Stuff Middle East have approached Hugo Barra for an interview in which the latter has given way to considerations about the future of Xiaomi, about how much Xiaomi can learn from Google and vice versa.

Xiaomi - What can you learn from Google?

According to the Brazilian engineer, Xiaomi still has a lot to learn from Google. Excluding the considerations that can be made on the small-scale expansion of the Beijing-based company, the stated goal is to bring Xiaomi to the global stage. And the world, as we know, is a sphere that differs profoundly in terms of tastes and cultures.

Google is active in many countries around the world, yet succeeding in integrating and adapting to various cultural and business models quickly and efficiently.

Google is a company that despite having developed a global structure still manages to have character virtually nostrano, an old refràn used to say "Think global, act Local"Or - think globally, act locally - a perfect synthesis. Nothing could be more true! To do so, in Mountain View they thought well to leverage massively differentiation and personalization of the brand. To say that it has worked is trivial, to give an explanation on the results no.

Google has also enjoyed tremendous success in building its brand. A brilliant brand, fun and even a bit 'bizarre. Quirky I dare say, the Google brand is something that users love with a second heart.

Google is almost one friend, a silent confidant. Something we ask questions and in which we find answers. Google has won the trust of its users, Xiaomi will have to do the same thing.

Google - What can you learn from Xiaomi?

Starting from the assumption that we personally do not believe our intentions, we say Google's hardware, Hugo Barra basically advises Big G to renew its production cycle management strategies towards ever greater flexibility:

We realize the hardware with the same dynamism with which we make software: short cycles, small teams and maximum interaction. Not just Google but the whole world could learn from what we do!

Going into a comparative analysis of the two companies, as well as being a mere exercise in style could even be misleading. It is mandatory to make the necessary distinctions!

Despite the CEO Lei Jun argue that "Xiaomi is by no means the new Apple, but something different, a mix between Apple, Amazon, and so on.”The extra-hardware projects, except for MIUI, are still in their infancy [or more simply hidden!]. Google is a company with investments in practically every sector, listed on Wall Street ... Google Glass could be something different, the Nexus line has, I say on tiptoe, only further expanded the base of devices with Android Os and done further publicity. The expectations weren't financial.

MIUI and surroundings

MIUI rom
Hugo Barra also has for those [a few eh] who accused Xiaomi that for the construction of his personal Roma, MIUI, has been strongly inspired by the iOs Apple.

I think it's unfair to say that we're copying iOs or any other system. In an ecosystem of product designers and managers, anyone who inspires or inspires someone else [...] Android, iOs and even Windows Mobile have created models that inspire thousands of designers around the world [...] I think today MIUI has its own visual identity and characteristics that make it absolutely unique.

Waiting to know something more about the upcoming Xiaomi device coming out, Stay Tuned!
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