Ninebot C30 is the new e-bike with a scooter appearance. Now even cheaper

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The partner company of Xiaomi, or Segway has always delighted us with its products intended for eco-sustainable mobility, presenting solutions that range from a simple electric scooter to even professional Go Kart, but although our market cannot officially take advantage of it of the entire price list proposed under the Ninebot brand, today we are talking about the latest novelty proposed at home that will still whet your desire.

ninebot c30

In fact, Ninebot also produces in the catalog a series of electric scooters which today also includes the Ninebot C30 e-bike which stands out for its youthful, fresh and colorful look. On the front of the scooter we can admire a really powerful LED headlight while on the dashboard there is an LED panel that allows you to view the device parameters. Ninebot C30 weighs only 55 kg, of which 5,8 kg is dedicated to the integrated battery, resulting manegevvole in the gear that basically also offers an effective EBAS type braking system.

ninebot c30

Ninebot C30 is the new e-bike with a scooter appearance. Now even cheaper

The lightness of the vehicle is obtained thanks to the construction exclusively in reinforced ABS, allowing you to safely reach 25 km / h for an overall range that can touch 35 km. Ninebot C30 is added to the C series which already boasts 3 more solutions, but he is the cheapest of the lot with a price of 3599 yuan, or about 455 euros at the current exchange rate. This is definitely a benefit for users, who can now count on a wider range of products and above all also closer to their finances.

Among other specifications I also find NFC support for unlocking the vehicle and a 400W brushless motor as well as the companion app with which to define the parameters of use and view the statistics of the fall. Perhaps at the beginning I created confusion by defining the Ninebot C30 an electric scooter, because in reality we also have pedals, just like a bicycle, which will therefore allow us to use the vehicle even if we were to run out of energy. In short, an electric bike with scooter features and comforts, such as luggage rack, footrest and hanger for hanging bags.


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