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Discount Code - Xiaomi Mi Band 3 International at 9 € from China

This offer today is dedicated to the Mi Band 3, Xiaomi jewel presented the 31 Maggio together with the Mi 8. This latest version represents a further step forward compared to the previous models, making it the perfect travel companion in everyday life.

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Mi Band 3 is distinguished by an OLED touch screen from 0,78 inches, slightly larger than that of the last generation, which is therefore more convenient in the display of text messages and other notifications. Improved waterproofing, now guaranteed up to 50 meters in depth, while a touch-up on the battery brings the durability to at least 20 days. The functions are roughly those of the previous models: pedometer, sleep monitoring, sport mode via the app (with improved and more complete statistics) and much more. The price is never a surprise: it is a business, as Xiaomi has taught us for years.

-74% Discount Code - Xiaomi Mi Band 3 International at 9 € from China

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 International

🇨🇳 Priority Direct Mail delivery (10 / 15gg, NO customs) ✈

9€ 35€

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-45% Discount Code - Xiaomi Mi Band 3 International at 9 € from China

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 International warranty 2 years Europe

🇨🇳 Priority Line Delivery (Delivery 10-15gg, NO customs) ✈

22€ 40€

Price updated on: 18 October 2020 23:45

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1 year ago

Hello, I can not see the discount code in the one from 20 euro on bangood

1 year ago

Hi Cristiano, thank you for your reply.
But if I buy the band 3 NOT in international version I can, with some updates, have the Italian language?

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