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OnePlus 12: "official" renderings confirm highly anticipated change

Although it is early to talk about the next top-of-the-range OnePlus device, very reliable sources have got their hands on it Primi yield. In addition to the (unofficial) images of OnePlus 12, we have the key specifications of what will be the flagship of 2024. A communicate us all these rumors is the leaker OnLeaksIn partnership with SmartPrix. So let's go and see the specifications and characteristics of the device.

Features OnePlus 12

At first glance, the OnePlus 12 looks very similar to the current OnePlus 11. There are only two important changes to design, and both are related to cameras. First, the front camera will be placed in the center of the screen, and not in the corner, as was the case in all previous flagship models of the brand. Secondly, it smartphone will receive a long-awaited TV camera with a periscope lens. That's just what the value of the optical approximation will be - still remains a mystery. The screen, as you can see in the renders, will be slightly curved around the edges.

Oneplus 12

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As for the features of the OnePlus 12, so far only rumors remain from various sources. The smartphone is expected to receive one 2K screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a processor Snapdragon 8 Gen3, up to 24GB RAM, up to 1TB storage, 5000 mAh with support for 150W wired and 50W wireless fast charging. As for the cameras, the main module should be based on a Sony IMX9 series sensor from 50 megapixel, an ultra-wide da 50 megapixel and a telephoto lens from 64 megapixel with Omnivision OV64B sensor.

OnePlus 12 specifications

OnePlus 12 specificationsDetails
DisplayCurved, 2K, thin bezels
Type: OLED
Dimensions: 6,7 inches
Resolution: QHD
Refresh rate: 120Hz
Support for high PWM dimming
LoadingFast charging with cable: 150W
Fast wireless charging: 50W
chipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3
GPU: Adreno 750 (new model)
CameraMain sensor: 50 megapixel IMX9-series
Wide angle lens: 50 megapixels
Periscope lens: 64 megapixel Omnivision OV64B
BatteryCapacity: 5.000mAh

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