OnePlus 6T - Other than iPhone X! Our review

For years now, the so-called "Xiaomi Fans" look at the Apple world a bit like a fan of Turin's Juventus. But if the real rival was hidden within the Android family? The OnePlus 6T is so much stuff, we should take a look at the competition.

Obviously the reference with the much appreciated / hated / envied Apple is a provocation. But actually, trying this OnePlus 6T, one of the things that came to my mind from "Xiaomi Fan" is that too often the "Chinese Apple" is compared to the original "Apple" even though there are a lot of houses that orbit inside the Android universe that are just as "dangerous".

With Samsung's new momentum, Huawei's limelight and Oppo's discovery, Xiaomi needs to look at home and add a new, dangerous opponent: OnePlus!

With this OnePlus 6T, OnePlus did not want to overdo it, took the previous model (among other things very successful) and has further improved a lot 'of things.

Here are my considerations on the OnePlus 6T

To underline the fact that this OnePlus made us sweat because sales were constant and stocks were very thin. He had to arrive before Christmas, then before New Year, then to the Epiphany and then we arrived in February.
Now resigned, we receive the track from HongKong that tells us the imminent arrival of the OnePlus 6T! What an emotion!

We thank then GearBest for providing us with the device and being ready to send us the device as soon as it is available.

One Plus 6T 6 / 128Gb warranty 2 years Europe
504.45 572

We opened the package together, remember?

OnePlus 6T - Design

The OnePlus 6T shows itself in the now common role "Fullscreen" with drop notch. Compared to the solutions used by Xiaomi in the Mi Play and RedMi Note 7 this "drop" seems to follow a bit 'more curves of the display resulting a bit' more pleasant.

The dimensions of the device are generous: 157.5 x 74.9 x 8.2 mm and display has a diagonal from 6.41 inches.

The structure of the 6T is robust and i 180 grams everyone feels.

The back cover finish is not exactly original or particular. It is symmetrical but rather anonymous.

No headphone jack, nothing IrDa is….NO NOTIFICATION LED!!!

I would dare to say ... MINIMAL!

OnePlus 6T - Display

The display is a 'excellent FullHD + AMOLED unit with 1080 x 2340 pixels and 402 ppi density.

Needless to say the blacks are absolute and the colors are lively and saturated.

Unfortunately, also given the presence of a transparent film of non-exalting bill pre-applied by the factory, under direct sunlight the vision is not exceptional.
A couple of extra brightness points would have been appreciated.

Instead, the ambient display is beautiful which, unlike that of Mi8, allows you to see the color timetable widget.
I worried that this ambient display consumed too much battery I had to change my mind.

The Touchscreen is precise and, also considering how the device is armored in terms of performance, even in extreme multitouch use it does not miss a beat.

OnePlus 6T - Performances

The performances of the OnePlus 6T are simply the best that could be found in the period of the device output. The Snapdragon 845 (the same as the Mi8) makes the 6T fly also an interface, the Oxygen OS much lighter than our beloved MIUI.

The model I tested has well 8GB RAM memory and this for the benefit of a decidedly responsive multitasking.

OnePlus 6T - Battery

The OnePlus 6T battery is from ben 3700mah, practically 500mah more than the Mi8 (seen Xiaomi that you can ??).
The more time passes and the more I feel sensitive to the concept of "dutara of the battery", perhaps because compared to the past I travel more and, being always around, I have less chance to connect the smartphone to the charger.

Whatever the reason why the battery is so important to me, this OnePlus 6T deserves a good "EXCELLENT". A day and a half full of battery with standard use and full day with stress. Simply perfect battery.

OnePlus 6T - Camera

The OnePlus 6T is equipped with 16 Mp + 20 Mp dual camera with F1.7 focal length and this allows you to make excellent shots even in low light conditions.
Here are some shots that give you the idea of ​​the quality of the photographic sensor. What do you think of the photographic quality of this OnePlus 6T?

OnePlus 6T - Camera - Light

OnePlus 6T - Camera - Poor light

OnePlus 6T - Camera - Interiors

OnePlus 6T - Camera - Close-up shots

OnePlus 6T - Camera - Panorama

OnePlus 6T - Software

Here I had fun, I took a dive into the past.

Leave MIUI for years to benefit from a more STOCK experience

it can be quite destabilizing but I have to admit that Google has worked very well in these years.

The thing that struck me most is the amount of the notifications I received. It is true that MIUI can be used to solve the "problem of not receiving notifications" but these settings must be made for each single APP. With the OnePlus 6T instead you receive notifications of APP of which I ignored even the existence. Once this reactivity is proven, it is not easy to go back.

The STOCK experience has been slightly extended and personalized through the Oxygen OS ROM. ROM very light but complete and customizable.

The FULLSCREEN display control is facilitated by a series of customizable gesture but that, compared to those of MIUI, they did not convince me. The position of the swipe-up is too inconvenient to go back whether it is activated from the right or from the left.

The Task Manager is another thing that honestly did not convince me. It is extremely fluid but the aesthetic solution that allows you to see more APP simultaneously adopted by MIUI is much more comfortable.

OnePlus 6T - Connectivity

OnePlus, unlike Xiaomi, immediately aimed at the global market. For this reason, after a few attempts (in my opinion nonsense) of specific devices for each market, he decided to produce a single device compatible with all global networks.

This means, for example, that from any store you decide to buy the OnePlus 6T B20 band for the much discussed 4G connectivity to 800mhz is standard.

At the telephone level there are absolutely no problems and, even in poorly covered areas, the quality in call is definitely good. But the thing that surprised me most is the sound of hands-free audio. The power of the speakerphone enabled me, for example, to use the phone in the car without the connection to the bluetooth system. What a great thing.

OnePlus 6T - Fingerprint reader under the display

This aspect deserves a paragraph to itself because the impact I had with this feature was decidedly strange.

I had the monkey a thousand, I wanted to try the reader fingerprints on the screen and this 6T is absolutely the first device I tested with this technology.

But, after receiving the device and unboxing, the first tests were disappointing to say the least. I registered the print, I tried it and it did not work. I recorded again, I try it and nothing ...

I call in the newsroom ... it's broken!

Then I read an article about a particular feature of the OnePlus 6T, that is the SELF-LEARNING.
Basically, every time you make a mistake the imprint but then correctly write the pin the reader memorizes the imprint and adds it to the valid ones.
The result is that, if at first the reader's vote was a nice 2, after a few hours of use, the release no longer lost a shot coming to not regret the physical reader in the slightest.

Even for these "find" software that put a bit 'of pieces to a technology maybe a little' bitter the OnePlus deserves a nice 10!

OnePlus 6T - Conclusions

The plunge into the past has been an intense experience. To do it I went on the safe side by choosing one of the most powerful and appreciated devices in the world. The OnePlus 6T is a extraordinary device, at times close to excellence but, as a user mainly Xiaomi, I realized that probably the perfect smartphone does not exist. There is perhaps the PERFECT FOR ME smartphone, but that's another story.

The OnePlus is a device to advise absolutely at a price that is around around the euro 500. Not a few, but definitely well spent for such a device.

-48% OnePlus 6T - Other than iPhone X! Our review

One Plus 6T 8 / 128Gb International

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As always, I would like to know your impression on this device. What did you want to see on your Xiaomi? And what's missing?

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7.8 Total score

It was time I did not try a device with Android Stock experience. And despite the XIAOMI habituation, this OnePlus 6T really liked me a lot.

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Always passionate about technology, I was literally kidnapped by all that is put in china once discovered the Xiaomi world. Since then I have seen them cooked and raw but the passion has never passed.

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Fabrizio Catena
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