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OOONO Co-Driver NO2 – Fines and license points will no longer be a problem… *SUPER SCAM*

Traveling for work or pleasure will certainly make you travel along roads that could hide pitfalls, such as speed cameras, obstacles or unexpected events of any kind, such as accidents, animals on the road, broken down cars etc.. Fortunately, there are devices that promise to help us, alerting us before any problem occurs and among those that the various YouTubers in question have been promoting lately, we find theOOONO Co-Driver NO2, which I'll tell you all about in this complete review.

I would like to point out right away that what the gadget promises OOONO, differs from what the well-known Waze navigator can already do, for example. The substantial difference lies in the fact that to get alerts on Waze (but on any navigator) you have to necessarily set a travel destination, which is not necessary on the NO2 Co-Driver, as the gadget will exploit the GPS position of your smartphone, which combined with the integrated database will provide an alert on velox, tutor and much more. 

OOONO Co-Driver NO2 is a tiny device just wide 54 mm in diameter which can be easily installed in our car, placing it for example on the dashboard or on the rear window, taking advantage of the two 3M adhesive areas on the back. The connection to the smartphone is via Bluetooth, which although not declared by the company should be of type 4.2 Low Energy, naturally by associating the OOONO application (compatible with both iOS and Android), which must always be kept active in the background with location services activated, in order to exploit the database SCDB. If you are worried about the battery life of your smartphone, don't worry: in my case the combination of GPS, Bluetooth and apps never really impacted the battery life of the phone.

By the way, the device is powered by a 3.7V lithium battery rechargeable via cable USB Type-C supplied, while the charging port is located on the lower profile of the product. You can always keep the OOONO Co-Driver No2 active, as the duration is guaranteed for approximately 1 month, in fact when you are not traveling the gadget goes into a state of hibernation, to automatically turn on as soon as it enters the Bluetooth range of the smartphone to which it is paired, always as long as you have the app in the background.

Basically, the OOONO Co-Driver N02 is able to warn you about speed cameras (fixed, mobile, tutor and photored) along your route and other road dangers such as accidents, broken down cars, road works and more. Any alert is signaled by a sound depending on whether it is linked to velox and similar or to dangers. The notification can also arrive on your smartphone, but you can disable them if necessary. And what happens if something obsolete is reported? This is where it comes into play the upper button, which is used precisely to ignore a warning that in reality no longer exists.

A further "plus" of the product is the “community”: indeed you can report it yourself any speed or danger by acting with a single or double press on the front button, surrounded by circular LEDs, so that another user equipped with the same gadget as yours can benefit from the warning just inserted. Specifically, a single beep with a blue light indicates the presence of a speed camera nearby (you can choose the distance within the app), a double beep with a red light indicates road dangers of various kinds, so it is used just to alert us and increase attention. At the end of the trip, the application will ask you for confirmation of what you have reported.

Another point in favor of OOONO Co-Driver N02 is the total absence of subscriptions or additional costs: you purchase it, configure it on the app and then you have no other worries or costs, unlike other similar devices. 

Everything is beautiful right? But no, because what has been said so far is how the device should work, which in reality turned out to be a nightmare. First of all if you make more than two reports, at the end of the trip if everything goes well the application will ask you for confirmation for only two of the reports made, but above all, in order to be officially imported into the database, reports must be confirmed by another OOONO user, indeed for veloxes it is even necessary to send a photo with position to the company. In short, too cumbersome and above all ineffective if, for example, like me, you live in a town/city with few inhabitants who perhaps do not have the OOONO Co-Driver NO2. 

So if you have added, for example, a velox on a road that you don't travel often, whose presence you might forget in the future, the gadget will not report anything because no one else will have confirmed your report. And then as far as accidents or dangerous situations are concerned, what sense does it make that another user has to confirm the report? It would be useful if my report could help him avoid bad road adventures.

OOONO Co-Driver NO2 has potential but we need to wait for that lthe community will expand, which at present it is not. The cost of around 80 euros for a device that doesn't work is definitely the final blow which leads me to absolutely advise against purchasing it to anyone. Too bad, because the basic idea was good, but for the moment it is better to save and use free solutions like Waze.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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