Oppo Find X2: Snapdragon 865 and new “All-Pixel” omnidirectional sensor by Sony

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During the'Oppo Anthem Day 2019, the namesake brand has not only announced new products including AR glasses, router e proprietary Oppo M1 processor. In reality, the brand would have let out some details on the next concept phone Oppo find x2. This device will be the heir of the first real futuristic smartphone of the Oppo Find X brand that we have come to love for the mechanism of pocket-style retractable camera. First in the world for this particular dedign, but also first of a series of devices that will be talked about since the Find X2 will also be a device to be guinness. But let's go in order and see what all the news on board will be.

Oppo Find X2: Snapdragon 865 and new “All-Pixel” omnidirectional sensor by Sony

Lots of news for this new smartphone that will arrive during the first quarter of 2020. Basically there will be two fundamental characteristics of the device: presence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and the new sensor Sony with technology All-Pixel 2 × 2 OCL (On-Chip Lens). As for the former, we know that it will probably also be mounted on Xiaomi Mi 10. The second is a novelty from the house famous all over the world for photography.

All-Pixel 2x2 OCL (On-Chip Lens)

The OCL (2 × 2 On-Chip Lens) solution is a new image sensor technology to achieve high-speed focus

The key to the revolution that this new sensor will bring to the world of mobile telephony lies in the presence of one condensing lens call "on-chip lens”Positioned on the pixels of the sensor itself. To understand what this new image sensor technology built by Sony will bring, let's look at the image below taken from place of the Japanese manufacturer.

oppo find x2

Normally the lenses of the 4 different colors are positioned on each pixel. However on Oppo Find X2 la lens is shared by four pixels on the same color section. Put simply what does it mean? There are two achievements achieved thanks to this technology: firstly the phase differences can be detected on all of the pixels and this means that the sensor can focus even on small objects with the maximum precision precision; finally an improved focus and not of poco since it all allows you to integrate more information and achieve focus performance at other levels.

Without stopping too much on the quality of the photographic sensor of the Oppo Find X2, we also talk about the . The Chinese company has decided to focus on two fundamental aspects: viewing mobile content by winking at the gaming sector. Warning: this noon does not mean that the device will be a gaming device. The company focused on this area to improve performance and not to turn the smartphone into a console. This means that the panel will support a refresh rate ranging from 90 Hz and up. This means that the screen will also gain from it color rendering.

At the connection level it is obvious that Oppo Find X2 will support 5G technology given the Snapdragon 865 processor that will mount.

oppo find x2

Last but not the least feature concerns the battery. According to what reported by the number one blogger regarding Oppo, the charging technology will be improved for this device. If so far we have had well three charging speeds, or better powers, we could see a fourth with the Find X2. Name, power and speed are unknown for now but the leaker opts for VOOC 6.5.

Exit date? Nothing is known for the moment except that the period is between the first three months of 2020. In the meantime, let's enjoy the arrival of Oppo Reno 3.

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