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Oppo Find X6 a benchmark cameraphone!

On March 21, all of us cameraphone lovers had bad news that we expected, given the rumors, but we hoped not to receive: the new terminals of OPPO, Find X6 and the Find X6 Pro, would have been the prerogative of the Chinese market alone with all due respect to all those who, outside China, were anxiously awaiting the arrival of what would certainly have been smartphones of the highest level as regards photographic performances. But after about a month many online shops managed to stock up on the product and sell it in Europe as well, so I managed to grab a Find X6 and in this article I will explain how I did it and if it makes sense to buy it since it mounts a Chinese ROM.


Aesthetically, this year's top ranges have caused much discussion and divided people's opinion. In fact, many have enclosed the impressive photographic department in this sort of circular porthole, often very evident and very protruding. The thing that didn't really convince me was the discontinuity with the previous models, let me explain: if from 3 to 5 the design was the same, objectively very beautiful and recognizable, now we've moved on to something completely different and I don't think this is a positive marketing level. The example is Apple, the undisputed queen of marketing, which keeps the line of its phones always almost identical, and there must be a reason.

I must say that in real life it takes on another "consistency". In fact, I thought I was getting an ugly but obviously functional smartphone, but as soon as I took it out of the box, the sensation was quite different. After years WOW effect. Then obviously tastes are tastes, so I let the images do the talking


As I told you, here I will tell you about the Find X6 but of course everything concerning the software also applies to the 6 Pro. Let's get straight to the technical characteristics and the differences between the 2 models. Below is the summary sheet which I will explain in detail later:

Weight :
164.8 x 76.2 x 9.1/9.5 mm162.9 x 74.1 x 9 mm
216 / 218 grams207 grams
6,82 ″ Quad HD + (3.168 x 1.440 pixels)6,74 ″ Full HD + (2.772 x 1.240 pixels)
PPI 51020:9 at 451 PPI
120 Hz120 Hz
2.500 nits1.450 nits
Gorilla Glass Victus 2 
chipsetSnapdragon 8 Gen2MediaTek Dimensity 9200
4 nm4 nm
CPU1 x 3,2GHz X31 x 3,05GHz X3
2 x 2,8GHz A7153 x 2,85GHz A715
2 x 2,8GHz A7104 x 1,8GHz A510
3 x 2,0GHz A510 
GPUAdreno 740Immortalis-G715 MC11
RAM12 / 16 GB LPDDR5X12 / 16 GB LPDDR5X
ROM256 / 512 GB UFS 4.0256 / 512 GB UFS 4.0
SafetyOptical fingerprint reader in the displayOptical fingerprint reader in the display
CoolingSteam chamber-
Camera50 MP f/1.8, 1.0″-type, 1.6 µm pixels, OIS, PDAF+laser50 MP f/1.8, 1/1.56″, 1.0 µm pixels, OIS, Omni PDAF
50 MP f/2.2 ultra-wide angle, 110° FoV, 1/1.56″ sensor, 1.0 µm pixel size, Omni-PDAFUltra-wide angle 50 MP f/2.0, 112° FoV, 1/2.76″ sensor, 0.64 µm pixel
50 MP f/2.6 periscopic telephoto lens, 2.8x zoom, 1/1.56″, 1.0 µm pixels, PDAF, OIS50 MP f/2.6 periscopic telephoto lens, 2.8x zoom, 1/1.56″, 1.0 µm pixels, PDAF, OIS
selfie32 MP f/2.4, 1/2.74″ sensor, 0.8 µm pixel32 MP f/2.4, 1/2.74″ sensor, 0.8 µm pixels, PDAF
Battery5.000 mAh4.800 mAh
Wireless charging50W (reverse 10W)
SIMs.Dual SIM 5GDual SIM 5G
Wi-Fi7 Tri Bands7 Tri Bands
GPSGPS (L1+L5), GLONASS (G1), BDS (B1I+B1c+B2a), GALILEO (E1+E5a), QZSS (L1+L5)GPS (L1+L5), GLONASS (G1), BDS (B1I+B1c+B2a++B2b), GALILEO (E1+E5a+E5b), QZSS (L1+L5)
PortUSB-C 3.1USB-C
Headphone mini-jack
Software (at launch)ColorOS 13.1ColorOS 13.1
Android 13Android 13

Let's start with the reason that prompted me to opt for the X6 and not the Pro, the size/weight. Someone poco expert might think that the differences are minimal, but I assure you that even 10Gr can be felt especially if you use the phone 3/4/5 hours a day. Other things that in my opinion is felt is the width, which is basically what allows us or does not allow one-handed use. In my case those 2mm more than the pro version would make one-handed use impossible. So as far as portability is concerned, the Find X6 definitely wins.

The processor is the Dimensity 9200, the spearhead of Mediatek. From the many comparisons that can be found on the net, there are no substantial differences with the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mounted on the Pro version. My personal opinion, for some years now the differences between top-of-the-range processors have been almost non-existent. I will never notice the difference between opening an application in 0.1 seconds or 0.2 seconds. The fluidity is at the highest levels, multi tasking without problems thanks to the large amount of RAM memory. So between an SD 888 and an SD 8 Gen 2 I could only see the difference in consumption.

No difference regarding the memories, ROM and RAM at the highest levels with UFS 4.0 and Lpddr5X, not appreciable differences regarding the battery 4.800 vs 5.000mAh and for 80W vs 100W charging, in about half an hour you will bring the battery from 0 to 100%.

A point poco clear where I have not found reliable information, so I report them as I understood them .. the Display. Apart from the slightly different diagonal, 6.72" against 6.84", resolution 2772 × 1240 Vs 3168 × 1440, the big difference could be in the type of panel and protection. In fact, we find on the PRO version a Amoled LPTO generation capable of bringing the refresh rate up to 1Hz (for example in the case of active AOD) with protection Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2. In the Find X6 I didn't find sure information about the type of panel so it might not be LPTO even if I would find it very strange. On the official Oppo CN website we talk about a panel with a "dynamic" update so it could be the classic 60-120Hz, definitely NOT Gorilla Glass Victus. The peak brightness is also different: the pro goes up to 2500nit (currently maximum on the market) while the X6 stops at 1450. But to make you understand, previously I had the Find X5 which reached 1000 and in direct sunlight I've never had readability problems.. so make your own considerations.

But let's get to the fundamental point of this comparison and discussion on the reasons, in addition to that of the weight dimension, which led me to choose the Find X6 .. the camera department.
Undoubtedly the Pro, at least on paper, has something extra. In fact, the main sensor is brand new Sony IMX 989 by well 1" against Sony IMX 890 1 / 1,56 " mounted on the Find X6. As for the wide angle instead we find (perhaps) a better camera on the X6 having focal length 2.0 vs 2.2 and amplitude of 112° vs 110° while on the periscopic we should have the same sensor. All this information is taken from the official website. But leaving out the mere part of specifications, will the real difference between the 2 be tangible? Not having the possibility to make a direct comparison, I based myself on the results of the site that I consider the only reliable one, DxOmark. And here we find the 2 separated by 3 points, 153 vs 150 and this small difference finally pushed me to focus on the 6X.

Another difference that I don't consider decisive is the certification for water and dust resistance, the Pro with its own IP68 you can also immerse it in water while the 6X with IP64 it's only dustproof and splashproof. I remind you that, despite the certification, no brand is liable for damage caused by water.. therefore.. be very careful how you treat it.


Here we are at the thorniest topic, the software. Here we will find the Color OS 13.1 with Android 13 but unfortunately it is a Chinese firmware, NOT GLOBAL. What does this imply? Well, of course you will find many pre-installed Chinese applications (bloatware) that you can still uninstall without problems, i Google services which will allow you to install Play Store and all your applications and OTA updates. The phone will be sent to you with the Play Store already installed, in the case of a factory data reset obviously you won't find it anymore. The operation to install it is very simple, you just need to download the apk of the play store on your phone and install it. In case you are in difficulty you can also find several video tutorials.

So far so good you will say, but unfortunately there are also negative sides that must be taken into account. The first is the absence of the Italian language which will lead you to have all the phone menus in English. So if you have a minimum of familiarity with English no problem (to understand us you will find Display instead of Screen) otherwise this could already be an insurmountable obstacle. The applications, almost all, can be installed in Italian. In my case, all those google and many more. Some, I bring you the example of Revolut, does not allow you to select a language other than the system one, so you will find it in English.

With regard to the google voice search works correctly in Italian as does google maps. The only thing I couldn't get working were the notifications from "our" apps on theAOD. Whatsapp and Telegram don't work for me, although the classic notification on the bar and on the lock screen work correctly.

The essential thing is that for each application installed, remember to enter App-App Settings and give the required permissions for correct operation. By default these permissions are not active, here I bring you the example of the google dialer, fundamental for me. First you will have to set it as the default dialer (App-Default Ap) in place of the stock one and then enter the app (apps-app management) and in the Permissions and Battery usage tabs grant the necessary permissions for correct operation. This is valid for all applications that you will install. Also enable "allow auto launch" to allow the app to start automatically after each restart

I have not encountered reception problems, my operator is windtre. Compared to my Find X5 it takes practically the same way, same point, same signal strength and ASU, maybe a tad bit below. Note that despite being connected in 4G, in my case, the icon is that of 5G. The Volta is enabled the icon does not appear, but an equivalent “HD” icon appears (in fact if I disable the vault the HD icon disappears). In any case, I stay on 4G during calls and navigate without problems, therefore perfectly functional.

In the phone menus we find settings that we obviously cannot remove and concern installed Chinese applications. They are: Breeno – HeyTap Cloud and Wallet & Payment. The first is a google-type software, the second a cloud where you can save data, passwords, etc., while wallet is the Chinese equivalent of google pay. If you try to enter the settings the language becomes Chinese so I immediately abandoned the idea of ​​using them.

Here is a list of tests I have carried out, to understand what works and what doesn't work on this Chinese ROM

FunctionSIDO NOT
OTA updatesX
Italian Language MenuX
Applications in Italian – Italian keyboardX
Google servicesX
Google Play applicationsX
Notifications Lock screen – Notification barX
AOD notificationsX
BT connection with the machineX
Android AUTO (not tested)
Google WalletX

Google Wallet it is perfectly configurable and working!

DISPLAY Oppo Find X6

Here we are faced with 6.74″ and 120Hz of pure visual enjoyment. Needless to make movies to try to make you have the perception of how beautiful, defined, fluid, bright and so on and so forth .. You can only have this perception by holding it in your hand and looking at photos and movies. The resolution is 2.772 x 1.240 pixels and 451ppi. Excellent peak brightness that reaches 1450 nits


I was a little scared in this respect as the Chinese firmware could have contained software and services that could have created battery drain here. I was also afraid of the telephone signal (in my case LTE from windtre). Instead, I must tell you that I was pleasantly satisfied. Consider that with the same use of my Find X5 with which I arrived in the evening with 30%, with the Find X6 I arrive with 40/45%. The autonomy issue is influenced by too many details to make objective considerations for this reason I limit myself to my impressions and tell you that you will have no problems arriving in the evening, with sparing use, as in my case, you can do it for a day and a half.

Oppo Find X6 CAMERA

Definitely the flagship of this smartphone. Tried in every situation, daytime, indoor, night, macro, zoom photos and the result is almost always perfect. The shots I took are in automatic mode which I believe is by far the most used by those who prefer the phone to take pictures. The optical stabilization does its excellent job in night photos that are always in focus. The videos also did very well, tested at 60fps with 1080p and 4k resolution. Excellent stabilization and good audio capture. But if by day now from a medium range upwards everyone shoots very well, here the difference can be seen in the night photos. The amount of light captured is impressive and consequently the results are crazy even when the conditions are almost prohibitive. Another incredible difference with most phones is on the zoom, here periscopic up to 120 times (digital). Until 10 times the non-existent loss of detail and the very limited noise. Obviously if we go up to exaggerated magnifications noise and loss of detail will come out, but in my opinion beyond 10X it makes no sense to shoot with a smartphone, unless you have a tripod as by hand it becomes practically impossible not to blur. The 150 points on DxOmark and the third step of the podium (to date end of April 2023) are absolutely deserved. I leave you here a sequence of shots, judge for yourself! The folder is on DropBox to avoid losing quality in site compression.


The selfie cam is also very good and finally, even indoors, in low light, it returns clear and usable shots also for printing and not just social media!

Oppo find x6

COLOR 13.1

In my opinion, by detachment, the best UI of Android. Of course we will not enjoy the Global version but all in all it is practically the same and the options are the same. Very customizable, there is no shortage of fundamental functions such as programmable switching on and off, interactive screen savers and much more. The fluidity is impressive, also helped by an HW of absolute level (remember Dimension 9200 CPU, UFS 4.0 ROM and Lpddr5X RAM). You will not find the slightest LAG in any operation/game.


We come then to the final considerations. I can recommend buying this Oppo find x6 from Chinese channels with Chinese firmware? Having said that for the purchase question there are no problems (then I will attach the links with the discount codes) there are instead some regarding the absence of a Global ROM.

The first aspect to evaluate is the language of the menus which will not be in Italian, so if you don't know English, better leave it alone. Another aspect to consider is the customization of the applications that you will have to do to make them work well (see the Chinese software chapter), which is not complicated but certainly not suitable for those who are not familiar with these things. What I honestly lack is the impossibility of having app notifications on the AOD and unfortunately this is currently safe.

All these critical issues were found today, at the end of April 2023 .. it is not said that with some software update they can be fixed, and it is not even said that Oppo decides to bring this model to Europe and therefore create a Global Rom that maybe can be installed even on Chinese phones (such as OnePlus does).

My final advice is therefore to proceed calmly with the purchase if you are an averagely aware user, otherwise evaluate well because you could find yourself with a smartphone that is difficult to manage and difficult to resell.

Below are the best offers with shipping from China and payment via PayPal.

Oppo Find X6 5G 12/256Gb

662€ 999€
🇨🇳Standard Shipping (No Customs)

Oppo Find X6 5G 16/512Gb

930€ 1099€
🇨🇳Standard Shipping (No Customs)

Oppo Find X6 5G 16/512Gb

929€ 1100€
🇨🇳Standard Shipping (No Customs)

Oppo Find X6 Pro 5G 12/256Gb

875€ 1250€
🇨🇳Standard Shipping (No Customs)

Oppo Find X6 Pro 5G 16/256Gb

933€ 1350€
🇨🇳Standard Shipping (No Customs)

Oppo Find X6 Pro 5G 16/512Gb

990€ 1450€
🇨🇳Standard Shipping (No Customs)

Oppo Find X6 Pro 5G 12/256Gb

928€ 1250€
🇨🇳 Standard Shipping
9.2 Total score
Excellent Smartphone


User Interface
  • Amazing camera department
  • Very good autonomy
  • Outstanding CPU/ROM/RAM performance
  • Beautiful and very bright display
  • Size/weight still acceptable
  • UI good (although the rom is Chinese)
  • Google services and OTA updates present
  • Italian language NOT present
  • Third-party app notifications about AOD not visible
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Nils Valentine
Nils Valentine
1 year ago

btw, Android AUTO is not possible according to a Youtuber I saw the other day

Nils Valentine
Nils Valentine
1 year ago

Thank you for the detailed article, in table title X6 and X6 pro are opposite 😉

1 year ago

mmmm… how is it that in xiaomitoday bloggers use Oppo?
This comforts me, I was an avid fan of xiaomi who, however, felt a bit betrayed by the commercial and update policies (I bought 3, and let me buy 4 more)
Now I too have an Oppo Find X5 and I don't regret MIUI at all, nor do I envy the new models….

Nils Valentine
Nils Valentine
1 year ago

Hello,how wide is the camera bump, 50mm ?

Nils Valentine
Nils Valentine
1 year ago

The phone is 76mm wide. How wide is the camera circle housing the three cameras?