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OPPO and NOKIA have signed a cross-licensing agreement for patents

OPPO e Nokia have announced a major patent cross-licensing agreement (so-called cross patent licensing), marking a significant moment for the smart device and cellular communications industry. This global agreement covers the fundamental patents for 5G and other advanced communications technologies. While specific details remain confidential, it is clear that the agreement is intended to resolve all previous legal disputes between the two companies in different jurisdictions.

Collaboration is the key word for future development

Feng Ying, the Chief Intellectual Property Officer of OPPO, expressed great satisfaction with the agreement reached with Nokia. He highlighted the importance of cross-licensing patents essential to the 5G standard, reflecting a deep recognition and respect for the intellectual property of both technology giants. Ying highlighted OPPO's desire to promote a fair royalty model and a forward-thinking approach to intellectual property, which encourages the amicable resolution of disputes and the valorization of all intellectual property.

Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies, shared similar enthusiasm, mentioning Nokia's investments in R&D and its contribution to open standards. She recognized OPPO as one of the market leaders in the smartphone industry and expressed positive expectations for future collaborations, with the aim of bringing innovation to users around the world. Lukander also mentioned that the agreement will help ensure financial stability long-term for Nokia's licensing operations.

oppo nokia patents

OPPO will share patents for 5G

OPPO, which holds significant rights to patents essential to the 5G standard, has established itself as a leader in smart device innovation and the development of technology standards. As of the end of 2023, the company has implemented standard patents for 5G communication in more than 40 countries and regions, boasting more than 5.900 global patent families, more than 3.300 5G standard patents declared to ETSI, and more than 11.000 standard documents submitted to 3GPP. This broad patent reach was recognized by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and IPlytics, which positioned OPPO among the top companies globally for the strength of its portfolio of patents essential to the 5G standard.

This cross-licensing agreement is not only a win for OPPO and Nokia, but also for the entire technology ecosystem. Promotes theuse of patents in a collaborative and constructive manner, allowing both companies to focus on innovation and development rather than legal disputes. It is an example of how sharing knowledge and resources can accelerate technological progress and bring benefits to consumers and companies at the same time.

The agreement between OPPO and Nokia (which also involves the OnePlus brand. ed.) reflects a maturation of the technology industry, where mutual respect for intellectual property and collaboration can act as catalysts for innovation rather than obstacles. As 5G advances and new technologies are developed, such partnerships will be essential to navigate the complex patent landscape and to ensure that the benefits of the technology can reach a global user base fairly and effectively.

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