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Proscenic F10 the Proscenic floor cleaner at €169, shipping from Europe included!

The scrubber Proscenic F10 it is equipped with a 120W motor that generates a suction power of 6.000 Pascal. The rotating brush of the device spins at 500 revolutions per minute, allowing you to effectively remove dirt and stains. Its ability to reach tight corners and complex areas is facilitated by the thin design of the brush edges: cordless vacuum cleaner for liquids and liquids, Self-cleaning, Self-drying, 650 ml water tank, Maximum runtime 30 minutes, 2500 mAh battery, LED display, Voice Control

Proscenic F10


The device has three operating modes:

  1. Smart mode: Automatically adapts the power and quantity of water based on floor conditions.
  2. Max Mode: Maximizes power and water flow, ideal for cleaning stubborn stains or very dirty areas.
  3. Suction Mode: Does not release water, perfect for collecting liquids or drying the floor.

The Proscenic F10 also has a self-washing and self-drying system, facilitating maintenance and preventing the proliferation of germs and bad odors. It is easy to maneuver thanks to the propulsion provided by the rotation of the brush and its weight of 4,2 kg. The information display provides useful information such as the remaining autonomy and the water level in the tank.

In terms of autonomy, the Proscenic F10 can continuously clean a house of approximately 75 square meters, with a battery life of approximately 35 minutes in Smart mode and less than 15 minutes in Max mode. Full charging time is approximately 4 hours .

The package includes everything you need to start cleaning: a brush for maintaining the device, a pack of 500 ml of detergent, a spare HEPA filter, as well as the charging base and the instruction manual.

In conclusion, the proscenic F10 It proves to be a versatile and practical device, offering a satisfying user experience and effective cleaning results​​.


Proscenic F10 floor cleaner

169€ 299€
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GeneralBrand: Proscenic
Typology: Vacuum cleaner
Model: F10
White color
Small PartsRated power: 120W
Working time: Maximum 30 minutes
Charging time: ≤4 hours
Battery capacity: 2500 mAh
Water spray outlet: 12
Clean water tank capacity: 650ml
Dirty water tank capacity: 600 ml
Self-cleaning: YES
Automatic drying: YES
Cleaning Mode: 3 Modes
Item required: YES
LED display: YES
Noise level: ≤76dB
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 4,2 kg
Package weight: 8,6 kg
Package dimensions (L x W x H): 72*38*32 cm
Package Contents1 x host head (with battery)
1 x handle
1 x base (with two attachments for storage)
1 x adapter
1 x cleaning brush
2 x roller brush
2 x HEPA
1 x cleaning liquid
1 x user manual
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