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Just introduced Proscenic M9: Double Rotating cloth, LiDAR navigation and emptying

Proscenic presented its new product: Proscenic M9, a high-end robot that combines functionality of suction and washing in one device. This launch represents a further commitment of the brand in providing technological solutions, products and services that improve the quality of life and simplify the daily life of families.

Il Floobot M9 presents itself as an attentive and collaborative ally for domestic cleaning, capable of offering superior performance with each use, satisfying even the expectations of the most demanding users.

Proscenic M9 features

proscenic M9

The distinguishing feature of the M9 from its predecessors is the introduction of the innovative system of double spin mops. These mops can rotate at a high speed of 120 RPM (revolutions per minute) and apply downward pressure up to 6N, allowing active and deep cleaning, able to remove even the most difficult residues and stains, which is impossible with a single mop. In addition, the robot offers the possibility to adjust three different levels of water flow, allowing you to tailor the humidity of the mops to your specific needs. The combination of the two mops also allows for a wider coverage of the cleaning area, thus optimizing efficiency and saving time and effort.

The Floobot M9 is equipped with a practical automatic emptying base with a 2,5 liter disposable dust bag, which guarantees an autonomy of about 60 days. The 5200mAh battery offers up to 250 minutes of continuous suction. Thanks to its ability to reach a height of 20 mm, the robot can move smoothly throughout the house, and when it detects the presence of carpets, it automatically increases the suction power for a more thorough cleaning.

THELidar integration (Light detection and ranging) allows the robot to accurately scan and map the entire house, allowing you to create up to 5 maps that can be viewed via the Proscenic app. Advanced IPNAS 5.0 Lidar Navigation technology ensures maximum accuracy, defining a zig-zag cleaning path, eliminating missed points and intelligently avoiding obstacles.

Finally, one of the most interesting and innovative features of Proscenic robots is the possibility of control them via voice commands. Whether using Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Siri Shortcuts, the M9 easily responds to a simple word, making for an incredibly convenient cleaning experience. Furthermore, the integration with IFTTT allows you to further customize the commands and create tailor-made automation to meet all your specific needs.

Proscenic M9 in introductory offer

proscenic M9

The M9 is available on Amazon at the link with the launch price of €527 using the discount code M9M9M9M9 compared to the original price of €549.

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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