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Prime Video has announced the adverts in Italy: here's when they arrive (and how to skip them)

From 9 April 2024, Prime Video will introduce something new that will transform the user experience: the presence of advertisements while watching films and TV series. This move, far from being a mere change, hides a very specific strategy aimed at improve and expand the offer of high quality content, keeping the cost of the subscription unchanged for users. The advertising on Amazon Prime Video they had already been announced a few months ago.

Prime Video introduces ads in Italy: here's how much it costs to skip them

This move by Amazon should not be interpreted as a simple insertion of advertising. The peculiarity of this innovation lies in its implementation: a limited number of ads, significantly lower than that found in linear television and other streaming services. This approach aims to minimize the impact on the user's vision while maintaining a equilibrium between the quality of the experience and support for investments in content.

announcement arrival of advertising on Amazon Prime Video via email to customers

Amazon also announced that the price of the Prime Video subscription it will not undergo changes throughout 2024, confirming the company's commitment to keeping its services accessible.

For those who want a completely ad-free experience, an additional option will be available at a cost of €1,99 per month, thus allowing a personalization of the viewing experience based on individual preferences.

How to skip ads on Prime Video

Although from April 9th ​​Amazon will introduce skippable advertising with the payment of €1,99, we have made a guide to skip ads on prime Video, Netflix and co. In short, it is necessary install an extension which allows you to speed up ads on streaming platforms by acting "at the source", i.e. on a script javascript. Adding this extension will allow a slider or speed selector to set how and how quickly to skip ads.

The choice is yours, although for me, until they eliminate it, the best solution is the latter.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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