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These are the 15 best-selling phones in history: here is the surprising ranking

The history of the mobile market is marked by extraordinary successes and close competitions between leading brands. A recent study by Visual capitalist shed light on 15 best-selling phone models which marked an era, dominated almost exclusively by two giants of the sector. So here are these bestsellers, more or less smart, that have left their mark.

What are the best-selling phones in the history of telephony?

The analysis of Visual capitalist revealed surprises and confirmations in the mobile phone market. At the top of the list triumphs the Nokia 1100, a classic example of reliable and accessible technology, with 250 million units sold. Its popularity has been attributed to a winning mix of reasonable price, essential features, compact dimensions and a recognizable design. Just one step behind, we find the Nokia 1110, with 248 million in sales, demonstrating the solidity and trust that consumers have placed in this historic brand.

On the third step of the podium of the best-selling phones in the world, a modern twist: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus of Apple, which together reached 222 million in sales. These models set a record for Apple, becoming the best-selling smartphones in the brand's history. The success of the basic iPhone 6 was so striking that it saw a re-release in 2017, specifically for the India and China markets.

ranking 5 best-selling phones in mobile history

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The list winds through other historical models from Nokia and Apple, with one exception. In fact, in fourteenth place stands out Samsung E1100, another classic mobile phone with a physical keyboard, which has reached 150 million sales. Closing the ranking is iPhone 5, with 146 million units sold.

2023 saw a changing of the guard: for the first time, the first three places were occupied exclusively by Apple models – iPhone 14, Pro and Pro Max, with sales of 26, 24 and 31 million units respectively.

This ranking of the best-selling phones in history not only tells of numbers and records, but also reveals to us the evolution of consumer needs and tastes. From the simple and robust Nokia 1100 to the sophisticated latest generation iPhones, each model reflects an era and its technological and stylistic peculiarities.

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