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Realme TV getting closer: BIS certification is coming

Remember when the CMO of Realme India, Francis Wang, had announced about the beginning of the month the first TV of the brand? In particular, he said that this would be the subject of interesting news during the highly anticipated Mobile World Congress 2020 of Barcelona. Unfortunately, as we have seen, this event was no longer held due to the coronavirus speech, but today we have news about it. It simply seems that the first Realme TV has been certified by the Indian Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS): this means that its arrival is almost imminent.

Realme TV is no longer so far as a certification certifies its arrival soon

Incidentally, we also remember that on that same occasion, on Twitter, the big shot of Realme India let out something (nothing serious) about the possibility of producing a PC. In any case, let's see what the BIS certification tells us about Realme TV specifications.

realm TV

The certification date is yesterday, February 26 and the code name on the document is JSC55LSQLED. Precisely within this name we find clues about two important features. The first is the panel size: it will probably be a 55 ": the brand would have decided to leave immediately with one Realme TV with huge dimensions.

The second characteristic is the type of panel: it concerns a QLED. For those unfamiliar with these terms, QLED technology is yes better in terms of image quality transmitted, but also more expensive compared to LCD technology. For example Xiaomi on its TVs and Smart TVs it uses panels LCD and OnePlus (qualitatively of another level compared to Xiaomi) uses technology QLED.

realme tv



By now only this product is missing from the catalog that Realme It owns. We are very curious to know all the other features besides the price at which it will be offered. Without a doubt it will be placed on one fairly high market segment, given the quality of the panel, still managing to keep the decently low prices.


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